Martin Johnson quits as England manager.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by spike7451, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Lets face it,England haven't done very well during his reign,maybe a complete revamp of the England team is needed?..New players & new attitudes?...

    BBC Sport - Martin Johnson quits as England team manager
  2. Can we have sir Clive back? At least for a time.

  3. How about a coach,that can coach?
  4. ... Contract up in a month's time, he jumped before he was pushed. I think anyone other than a World Cup-winning captain would have been given a less dignified end a while ago.
  5. Jim Mallander will be next up
  6. If you want to return to the coaching regime of Sir Clive, then you'll need Andy Robinson to do the coaching while Sir clive does smoke, mirrors and budgets!
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  7. He is definitely up for it and has been lobbying for a while. This ungentlemanly and ruthless approach is exactly what the next incumbent will need to survive the RFU's stormy waters...
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No great loss, I'm afraid.

    I disagree that a great player can automatically become a great coach. Will be interesting to see who does take over but I don't think Sir Clive is the best option.

    Would be good to see someone that moves England back into 15 man rugby with the emphasis on a backs running game rather than forward grind.
  9. The RFUs in a real state. I hope its sorted by the 6N. And I hope we get an english manager.
  10. They can't have Andy back we like him
  11. The stats say it allJOHNSON'S WINNING RECORDGames coached - 38 Wins - 21 Defeats - 16 Draws - 1 Points for - 826 Points against - 652 WINNING RATE - 55.3%
  12. Can we have a coach who has done some coaching before somewhere?

    Considering the true stat is Johnson - games coached 38 (ever), I don't think he did too badly for a complete novice.

    From England's point of view I think we still need the wooden spoon in the next 6N before things will be sorted out properly. Otherwise it will be the usual sticking plaster fest.

    Does the panel think Dean Richards has any chance of redemption? If that bloodgate nonsense hadn't happened and he was still jogging along nicely at Quins as he had been doing he would be the natural sucessor - and a damned good one, too.
  13. Don't want him back, he's better off sticking to his level of coaching ie: 3rds.
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  14. Getting rid of the old farts trying to run HQ as a business would be a start.
    Give the job to n ick mallet or Jim Mallander.
    Bringing by woodward is a step backwards.
    Stop picking 'old' players like wilkinson and queto and let the young lads have a run out. Put sam tomkins in the centre with manu and let the fun commence.
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