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Martin Johnson quits as England manager.

... Contract up in a month's time, he jumped before he was pushed. I think anyone other than a World Cup-winning captain would have been given a less dignified end a while ago.
No great loss, I'm afraid.

I disagree that a great player can automatically become a great coach. Will be interesting to see who does take over but I don't think Sir Clive is the best option.

Would be good to see someone that moves England back into 15 man rugby with the emphasis on a backs running game rather than forward grind.
Can we have a coach who has done some coaching before somewhere?

Considering the true stat is Johnson - games coached 38 (ever), I don't think he did too badly for a complete novice.

From England's point of view I think we still need the wooden spoon in the next 6N before things will be sorted out properly. Otherwise it will be the usual sticking plaster fest.

Does the panel think Dean Richards has any chance of redemption? If that bloodgate nonsense hadn't happened and he was still jogging along nicely at Quins as he had been doing he would be the natural sucessor - and a damned good one, too.
Getting rid of the old farts trying to run HQ as a business would be a start.
Give the job to n ick mallet or Jim Mallander.
Bringing by woodward is a step backwards.
Stop picking 'old' players like wilkinson and queto and let the young lads have a run out. Put sam tomkins in the centre with manu and let the fun commence.
What I don't understand is Rob Andrews. Has he got a problem with MJ? He's given him no support, in fact what is the point of Andrew?
Since the professional game started rugby has changed mightily, but I think pride is no longer paramount.

Andrews could be cast as P Pilate Esq. I never rated him too much as a player. I don't rate him at all now.
The biggest problem was MJ lack of consistancy. He has used, quite possibly, the most players per game than any other coach in northern hem, and the fact that come any mistakes, the jobsworth English media jump all over him.
To coach any high profile England team is mentally tough, not becuase of personnal goal or high standards of popposition, but simply becuase of the pathetic, over ego'd followers, most of which don't even understnd rugby and only get excited becuase they see men touching each other.
Unfortunatly, England will probably poach Shaun Edwards now from Wales to do something, probably throw a million into Graham Henry's pocket and then winge in 4 yrs time cos they got knocked out at the quarters yet again. (But plyers having fun will get teh blame). MJ was a Legend player, a fantastic body double for Hagrid and will always be remembered for leading out the RWC Winning team.
He is Leicester scum, will probably crawl back there to seek comfort and come out in a few years a much better coach. Simple case of too much way too soon.

Now they just need Andrew to pish off too....Rob Andrew is a pompous prat. Ever since he 'racially insulted a Gloucester player' he has moved upstairs from the dug out and got high profile jobs on the back of a couple of drop kicks in the early 90s.
In his reign since, he has, like said above, given Johnson very little support, but then, it hasn't been his job to do that until recently.

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