Martin James MBE (75yo), celebrity angler sponsored abseil in aid of ABF

Many of you may have heard of Martin James MBE and his fishing exploits all over the world. He has been writing articles and broadcasting for some 50 years and loves nothing more than a bit of fishing for Carp/Pike/Chub/Tarpon/Trout and anything else that swims. He still regularly heads across the pond to fish for Steelhead and Rainbows in the Deschutes River.

Martin (75) suffers from a disability that means that sometimes he has to use sticks or a zimmer frame to help him get about, but despite that, he is aiming to abseil down the tallest rollercoster in the UK (Blackpool) in aid of the Army Benevoland Fund.

It would be wonderful if you could donate a few pounds to this charity in support of Martins amazing efforts.

Many thanks
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