Martin compton Household cavalry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stacker1, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. I was watching sky news last night and It it had an interview with L/Cpl Compton from the household cavalry.
    Can anyone find a link (Its not on the sky new website)
    The Taliban ambushed his vehicle and killed 3 of his mates, He has been very badly burnt and spent 3 weeks in a coma.
    It was a good story about a bloke who has got balls of steel to pull back from injuries like that and hats off to his fiancee who has stood by him and is to marry him later this year.
    The only downside of the interview is that he has been offered less than £100000 compensation (when you see the interview you will see his injuries are extensive) How much was the artwork in the MOD headquarters?
  2. An arm and a leg.


    Good on him and others who to be honest have been fcuked over by the MoD via the Treasury. Are we suprised? Will it ever change?
  3. Got this on the BBC web<<<<<link
  4. Here's one from the Scum:


    Bless him.
  5. Hope he get a apologetic letter from the MOD saying they are increasing his award. As compensation is a tricky subject The penny pushers should err on the side of indulgence and realise that the recipients have earned their awards.
  6. brave bloke, good luck to him and his girl, good skills by her too for standing by him.

    Another good man let down by the govt and MoD.