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Bugger ! Not the thread I was hoping for.

I thought it said Marital Merlin.


Cutaway said:
Bugger ! Not the thread I was hoping for.

I thought it said Marital Merlin.

Me too, I thought it was a wild west thread as in Marshal Merlin.


Ha, their BCS is surprisingly absent again (ok in non officer speak - English - that'd be 15 Bde's Sig Sqn).

Whats LBCB? is that LECB spelt wrongly
Well 34 got a bronze again, Yorkshire regt got a Silve and were .5 of a point off Gold. Hats off to the organizers, never thought I'd be starting the day on the DCCT range, moving to the first location in a CVRT then getting a cabbe in a Lynx. Excellent weekend, will I do it again ?



Two patrols were still lost when we left the exercise ware, I believe one had been found bivvying up for the night, as far as I know onlya handful of minor injurys. Hell I even got to abseil.


101 RA got Silver, despite getting a little directionally challenged at one point (with an impromptu river crossing).

Good laugh! (now I've had some sleep and stopped hallucinating)
Gutted that mist / fog had our Lynx subbed with a Bedecopter.



Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it! I was watchkeeping for my sins. Everyone got back ok, bar 1 sprained ankle. 3 teams didn't finish, but no injuries other than geographical embarassment (I think!).
Good to hear who got what medals, I only caught the tail end of how many medals were awarded, I was wondering!
Hats off to all who competed, well done guys!
Injury wise we were very lucky, one member of our team (ahem) went arrse over tit down a scree slope, managed to butt stroke themselves with the LSW too
Was pretty good, alot of ally stuff through in its now essentialy a mini-cambrian patrol.

More importantly how nice was the blond chick that did the interviews at the end?



The Lynx and Spartan made it all worth while, and not to mention the blond bird at the end.

(edited for spelling like a mong)

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