Martial Merlin Mayhem

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. So what were the final results then? How many 'casualties' in total? Sounds like it was carnage anyway. I hear that 4 para had an interesting time, as did the loggies.. :lol:

    Comms good enough for you? Enough wind and rain booked?
  2. Dunno but only the Bdes ..........................
  3. aye it was fun, you can't beat 10m visibility in the rain. :evil:

    My team lost 3. 2 with exposure and 1 with a busted back. :?

    Comms were garbage, gsa was the only way of getting anything.

    It was a bit different to the previous MM i had done to say the least.
  4. Dear ravydavy,

    'My team lost 3.2 with exposure.....' What or whom was the .2? Sounds like a large Co**, or else a European Directive!
  5. Did we win again TA_Sig ?
  6. poor comms? what are you talking about? perhaps if certain people listened at their briefings theywould take note of semi important things such as......frequencies? those who used F2 on feldom had comms all over the area.
  7. How ironic 2 Sig Bde go through a major restructuring (announced last week), move Sqns & Regts to match regional Bde boundaries and on the first exercise after that they don't provide the comms infrastructure.

    Gawd, I wasn't there but I feel I've done something wrong :!:
  8. All our boys got back in one piece happy to say. Also brought back a gold medal with them. 8)

    Very very very proud!!!!

    Bumper pack of paracetamol handed out on Sunday afternoon...........
  9. You got bronze, would have been silver but one of your bods dropped out - was ill and didn't want to slow the team down. I think the other team failed to complete - should have thrashed you as well :evil:

    Think the recovery crews might owe Catterick estates some new locks for their gates, people were dropping like flies - surprisingly when the weather was at its worst... :roll: Heck even the frogs had enough and tried to get into my webbing.

    Which lot were yours Bird?

    Does that count for all stations using correct F's? :lol:
  10. Hope you're not implying anything there? :wink:
  11. The wet ones! Infantry- EWRR Yorks. Would have been two corporals and the rest privates. Think we would have had one of every colour!

    Will get the full gossip on Tuesday night. :)
  12. TA_sig you have armymail!