Martial Merlin 08

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Peter_Skellen, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Who did it then, and how did you get on?

    Thought it was pritty buckshee compared to last year.

    Any news on the final positions yet?
  2. What is it?
  3. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    It's a 15 Brigade military skills competition.

    Much easier than last year!
    We (101 RA) got a silver again.. Think there were at least a couple of Golds though.

    And on that note, I'm going back to bed!

  4. Well done you!!!

    101 regt are a good mob. Still using MLRS?
  5. Definitely much easier than last year.

    102 Bn REME walked away with a gold.
  6. To be fair there was nothing on there that cadets couldnt deal with! It was hardly challenging at all! Abit of a let down as some units use it as a stepping stone for cambrian.

    So it should be eaiser to get gold? No because there was not as many stands meaning less points available, but the scoring sysytem was the same, Xnumber of points- bronze, Ynumber of points - Silver Znumber of points - gold.

    Last years was much better, true infantry soldiering at its best in my opion. This year tab out do some BCD (which the first 3 teams didn't make due to hidious timings) do a ctr, tab back in, a few ltlle contacts, send patrol report via radio and BATCO, small ambush, asked a few questions by the media, which most people probally fcuked them off as it was stright after it, patrol report endex! Not even 24hrs!

    Would like to know the final standings if anybody has them?
  7. 34 Sigs and 4 Yorks (c/s B10) both got silver. I didn't think it was that hard...
  8. Last years competition was much better. However chatting to the DS at the end next years while probably harder (back to Otterburn me thinks)
    Both 5RRF teams got gold and were 1st and 2nd when we left.

    Anyone know if its true that 4Para came top?
  9. Never done it this year but did the previous two. Last years was a peice of cake compared with 2006, but both were very similar barring the weather.
    Mucho fun and easily the best weekends i have done in my time.

    Who's thrown a spanner in the works?
  10. So where was it if it wasn't Otterburn ?
  11. It was originally conducted at Catterick and was called Stainton Chase.
  12. Hellfire that's going back a while! That wasn't 15 Bde specific though was it? That was a NE District thing I thought? I remember winning some silverware on that but alas it was the box I neglected to remove from the former marital attic but which her new husband did not neglect to flog the contents of!
  13. Anyone know the full results, how did 38 Sigs do??
  14. A lot easier than last year although we had much better start time which I think is a big factor. I was particularly impressed with the first aid stand!
  15. Oh deja vu!

    Last year's Martial Merlin gubbins