Martial Law?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. I have read on several sites, people questioning the possibility of Martial Law being introduced.
    Is this ever likely,or even possible given our commitments elsewhere?
  2. Curfew... Those caught go into a temp camp on clapham common, surrounded by the RAF Regt.
  3. I don't think the Army will deploy out on the streets. Even if we did, the ROE would be so different from what we've had before. We would just end up standing there with the public moaning 'Why aren't the Army doing anything?'.

    It would be interesting though to see how the 'yoofs' would act towards the Army on the streets.
  4. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    If they deployed troops at airports to counter terror threats I don't see why we can't get a Bn or 2 on the streets of london.
  5. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I know of at least one battalion on ntd which aren't going on their holidays, so I don't see how it could be that difficult.
  6. Theresa May is not being drawn on whether the army could be deployed. The UK is policed 'by consent'. The silent majority out here think that 'consent' should be given to the police to crack down hard if that's the case.

    A lot is being made of catching the crims after the event.... but there's so many of the fekers now that the police will have to be selective on who gets prosecuted. And that sort of strategy is not helping bring this all to a swift close. Who's in charge here?
    Time to stamp on them....
  7. Martial law is not a concept defined in modern UK law, but internationally it is generally taken to mean the exercise by military authorities of all or most of the functions of government in an area on an emergency basis.

    It is not the same thing as troops being deployed in support of the civil power and the police.

    When you think about it, martial law was never declared nor did it operate in practice even at the height of the late Troubles in NI - although it did operate during and after the Easter Rising of 1916 - there was after all A War On at the time (i.e. on a much greater national scale than our current operations).

    Should additional legal powers be required in a civil emergency, the mechanisms exist to create them without getting involved in so-called martial law.
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  8. Troops could be tasked as a MACP Op ?
  9. Martial Law is not going to happen here, if for no ther reason that once the Army is on the streets the COs may think its a jolly good wheeze to take over Parliament while they are at it and go the whole distance and make it a coup de etat, so, no, not a cats tails chance in a room full of rocking chairs, sorry!.
  10. Bit extreme.
  11. Soldiers have the same legal rights as civilians ie sod all. They have no power of stop, search, detain or arrest (unless on MOD property) so would require an act of parliment ie "emergency powers act" or it would be pointless deploying them to hang around on street corners looking ally?
  12. Troops on the street will be an admission that the Police cannot cope, this is a very political issue.

    It is extremely unlikely to happen, unless the situation really deteriorates.

    More police from other areas will be drafted in first to boost Met numbers, plus if it goes on tonight the Police will go in hard to round up the ring leaders.
  13. Maybe I'm being simples here but why the fcuk didnt they do that from the start- eg shield walls and snatch squads, or is that too old fashioned? And while I'm at it, I know the question was asked on other threads but why no tear gas and baton rounds? And no, I'm not talking about rubb er bullets with razorblades stuck in the ens. I hope none of you EVER did that....
  14. Self Defence: Legal Guidance: The Crown Prosecution Service

    Civvies can arrest for indictable offences...........s'just that plod does'nt shout about it because Mr Angry at number 33 would get himself a surplus uniform for his self appointed policing function and then go and do patrols around Sainsbury's.

    Realistically, Police Specials undergo around 5 - 10 weekends of training, dependant on which Force they are with, and of that only just over half is anything approaching something pretending to be training in the legal aspects of policing. So, you could very quickly give relevant trraining to squaddies and then swear them in as Special Constables. Sounds daft does'nt it, don't laugh though it HAS been done before during my service.
  15. Not going to happen end of. Remember, this is the UK of unarmed bobbies who give you the time of day, are very polite and on Sat/Sun/Mon conspicuous by their absence. Not the guys on the ground fault just the nuggets in charge who count the pennies and spend their budgets on more important things like diversity trg, equal ops, Gypsy issues etc. I understand now at Hendon the average PC gets an hour on giving evidence in court then 2 days on diversity followed by trg on multi-culturalism etc. You know, all the important things a cop needs to know on the beat to do his job....