Martial Arts Walt

I think I've just stumbled across a bullshitter more deranged than Jim Shortt:

Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

There are some absolute gems here from Mr Anthony. I'm not sure what my favourites are, where its (1) taming a white tiger in Southern China as part of his initiation as a kung fu master, (2) that while on CP duty with a Saudi client he shot some gunmen dead 'unnecessarily', because he could have shot to disarm them, or (3) that he survived for 5 hours stranded in the Saudi desert with only a bottle of Evian water to sustain him.

His website is here. It is is pure comedy gold:

Avanti Ministries - Taming The Tiger
Give him another 10 years, he'll be on some stupid TV chat show before killing himself over the fact he slept with every female member of his own cult.

Wish I could start my cult and screw every female in it:(
Ah, yes: the ol' Bottle Of Evian Water trick, eh? The one where you empty the water out of the bottle, piss in it and then sip it sparingly, until rescued.

This was taught to me by 'Lofty' Nailakiwakidingdong, the well-known English/Fijian Troopie who was never on the balcony. He was underneath, holding it up 'cos of all the people stomping on it.

Go! Go! Go!

Sorry 'bout that: flash back. It's nothing.

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