Martial Arts Injuries

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by StevenPreece, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. I guess the martial arts subject is always a good one for conversation. However, have many of you suffered accidents whilst training?

    Last year I suffered damage to my internal organs, from a blow. I was in a lot of pain for some weeks and at one point thought my number was up. Anyway and thankfully, with some professional help I made a full recovery.

    A few weeks ago I was teaching a guy how to roll out of an arm lock. He was a tadge confused that night. I could tell by the blank look on his face. Unfortunately, he got muddled up with what he was meant to do. He applied a hand and thumb lock on my right hand and then dived into a role across the floor. I momentarily looked to roll with him, but the angle was awkward and I could feel my Radius and Ulna (Forearm) bones starting to bend slightly. Consequently, I stopped his role in mid flow. This reduced the chance of him snapping my arm. However, the lock was still applied and my thumb was nearly dislocated. There was a fair amount of pain as the muscles around my thumb, wrist and forehand all tore.

    Its been 3 weeks now and its starting to get better. The hard part is working your way through your everyday life trying to work around injuries like this until they repair themselves. Still, it happens from time to time, doesn't it.

    Anyone had any similar experiences?


  2. Take out sports insurance if your worried about this, but if your sparring then ur gonna get battered, ...i know
  3. Thanks for the advice but we're insured when we train. I guess it just happens every now and again. The hard part is working around the torn muscles until they heal. I guess it makes you realise just how much you favour certain limbs on different sides of your body.


  4. My judo instructor snapped his banjo string once, does that count ?

    He couldn't p1ss straight for weeks.
  5. I usually just leave it in an ice bath every night for 10 minutes, but it's probably not for everyone (time etc) but i reckon it works wonders, and have you tried a compression sleeve, you can buy em from most sports shops now. Which martial art do you study?
  6. I too was slightly confused the other night Steve

    One minute there was a blank look on my face, the next I was wrestling and rolling across the floor with a guy

    ........certainly got a blow in though - and he blew back

    same as you though, the angle was awkward and my bone bent slightly too.......

    Last time I wear fcuking Hai Karate....
  7. The hard part is the inconvenience of waiting for the injuries to heal.

    Its been 3 weeks now and I reckon it'll take another fortnight or so. Roll on!


  8. hey, i practiced Keysi Fighting Method for a year or so. you'll probably hav heard of it? absolutely loved it. luckily enough never realy picked up any injuries, just bust lips n the like. did dislocate a guys shoulder tho, was mainly his fault but still felt kinda we wernt realy into rollin about tho, it was all street based. dnt spose u no if theres anything similar you can train in the army?? i'm jus in the process of applyin. Stos
  9. I'm a judoka, and the worst I've had is matburns. However, this has not stopped me gawping at bad injuries:

    During a senior grading, a green belt made a breakfall from the floor which included biting down on his tongue. No guesses as to what happened there, or whether he still keeps it in a jar.

    Another landed his breakfall with his elbow, letting his shoulder pop out of place on impact and shoot up into the air. He passed out when they tried to get his gi off.

    And there's been an odd accident with the samurai swords used for non sport judo, which are always recalled over a pint and laugh.
  10. Iv'e tried a couble of arts, only one i stuck with was bugei ki ryu ju-jitsu, worst thing iv'e ever done was a breakfall from a sweeping loin throw, right at the edge of the mat, slapped the wod and burst my hand, fcukin hurt
  11. I've been an Aikidoka for almost 17 years and the worst I have ever had is a dislocated little toe. Wasn't directly from technique but as I was moving to avoid getting my head torn off.

    I know the pain you've experienced Scooperman, I've caught the wooden frame a couple of times too, ended up with a huge bruise running right across my hand.
  12. In karate, the most dangerous people are the low grades who haven't learned control yet. Although having said that, when I was learning I got disqualified from a fight because I made the opponent cry when I popped them gently on the nose.

    I broke a toe on a kickbag once. Lesson learned. I've had more injuries from hockey and skiing than karate, but not as many bruises :D

    Good luck healing those muscles in your hand. I did something similar skiing and it took an eternity to heal - a bone break instead would have been a blessing.
  13. I remember a Wren I once knew, she had carpet burns on her forehead!! NOW I bet that hurt!!! 8O :D