Martial arts in the Army

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by 321go!!, May 14, 2009.

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  1. I've had a look on the army web site some one recommended but the only martial arts on there was Judo, the site had missed out a few other AT things as well, i'm guessing they just show the main AT courses on offer.

    Question is, what martial arts do you know you can do through the army and does anyone know if Aikido is one of them?
  2. Use the Search engine, mate; you're not the first to ask that question... :roll:
  3. I don't think its only Judo that's offered....The Army trains people to be versatile as much as possible that's why Aikido and other martial arts are also given...
  4. I'm sure there are other martial arts on offer, from what i've seen it looks like some camps have clubs so if your based in that camp you can join, just like in civvie street, if there's a club close to you you can join, not sure if you can do much directly through the army, like, with judo i think you can go on week or two week courses to practice it, not sure if the army do something like that with Aikido or other stuff
  5. You will get plenty of chance to practice the ancient and noble art of Windmilling during your free time
  6. The ancient art of Squaddie-jitsu, as praticed in the local hostelries of garrison towns most weekend nights, should be sufficient to burn off any excess energy, mastering such moves as the '5-stella death fist' and 'Leaping Glass Headbutt' takes time & effort...
  7. Ohhh, the force is strong in this one!
  8. Squaddie-jitsu bring it on!