Martial Arts after training?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jamiemufu, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know what are the kind of martial arts are available to do after training? Only asking because I am heavily into Jujitsu and and Wing Chun at the moment with a few belts under me. Would like to see about carrying on such things in the Army?

    Do they have instructers at most barracks or only a few? And also what are the common ones taught? i.e Karate or crappy k-boxing:p

    I don't mind being stripped of belts I earned due to different instructers and new techniques which they may do/different styles.
  2. Most units don't do any form of martial arts. You'll have to join a civvy club. Many blokes practice the art of windmilling on weekends though.
  3. :) Nice to hear about the windmilling. Always quite entertaining especially when practiced drunk!

    I will have to find nearest civi club then:( Or just give it up...
  4. mmmmm kickboxing crappy, why dont you have a trip up to paisley and tell this man who is the best full contact kickboxer ever in the UK if not the world

    YouTube - Lex Easdon vs Trevor Ambrose part 4

    Watch the UFC tonight and see a Kickboxer take on BJJ black belt and see what happens ;-)

  5. :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Each to thier own. Get a kickboxer on the ground and we will see who wins that one. A BJJ guy gets kicked in the jaw, we will see who wins that one.

    I mean in terms of style, k-boxing is a sport, not a style. I'm interested in styles not getting punched/kicked in the jaw in a ring for no reason. Hence why k-boxing is crappy, to me.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. Should of worded it better:D
  7. Join a Muay Thai club, proper sport.
  8. Muay Thai... Screw doing those shins to shins.... now THOSE guys are tough
  9. Your shins get conditioned.
  10. Not that easy to get a good Kickboxer on the ground if he has strong take down defence; Sprawl and Brawl. And Kick Boxing is far superior to most traditional martial arts, including Wing Chun, for self defence.

    As for BJJ, it's a ground fighting system par excellence, and therefor fcuk all use at any other range. "Pure" BJJ fighters have'nt dominated in MMA since the very early days of the UFC, when very few martial artists had any knowledge of ground fighting. Today, everybody Cross Trains.
  11. Just for record I don't do BJJ I do goshin jutsu. Traditional Japanese Jujitsu which as more stand up game than BJJ and also kickboxing might be superior for self-defense but if you stop the scrap before its even started then score!

    Example, some drunk flies a haymaker at you, simple hip throw whilst he's off in a rage will suffice in embarrasing such a tool and will normally get him to back off without even getting knuckles dirty, which is good for me as im lazy lol!

    If I were to fight with a experienced fighter MMA/UFC then I would get dropped. But shame on us for fighting anyway:D

    I don't fight in cages, or don't tend to try out MMA/UFC. I go because I find the complex techniques just amazing to learn and the science of it is fantastic. Especially the differences between styles. You don't get these complex techniques in kickboxing etc. Benifits are defending yourself.
  12. we need a dedicated thread, just a general topic with the "can i do it in service" question as well as chat about recent mma/kickboxing events. anyone fancy sorting it or shall i?
  13. Gets my vote. Crack on, mate.
  14. if you want to do it on the Army's time and getting paid for it, then karate, judo or taekwondo is what you need. they are the big 3 that you can get yourself on a course and/or compete.
  15. Who on earth told you goshin jutsu/goshin jitsu is traditional Japanese Jujutsu?

    For a start it was developed officially in the 1950's by the Kodokan Judo organisation and means self defence.

    It's a Judo expression and is a very basic self defence method using Judo.

    Most definately NOT traditional Jujutsu.

    If you're learning any kind of "jujutsu" from former students of robert clarke etc then you've been conned.