Mars starts using animal products in its chocs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr_Bridger, May 14, 2007.

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  1. All,

    Fresh on the beeb website :

    Personally I can't imagine life without bacon or indeed not tucking into the odd mars bar on exercise.... but for those out there who are - forewarned is forearmed!

    I'm assuming that there is some bod in the MOD now scurring around for a new vegetarian, wheat, gluten and nut free choccy option for the old rat packs....that will taste equally bad in the depths of Oman as it will on the cold shores of Norway :)

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    WTF are they playing at? It's a choccy bar FFS, so why the hell are they changing the recipe to include animal products? Is this another way to cheapen the product by diluting it with unecessary shoite?

    Goodbye Mars, hello er, something else!
  3. The original Mars recipe/formula has been frigged about with quite enough already.

    And in any case, if God did not intend us to eat animals, why did he make them of food? (As some ARRSEr has in his signature thingy - intelligent fellow.)
  4. isn't milk an animal product :?
  5. Bloody good point YS.... I guess though it depends on what level vegetarian you are. I have a mate who happily eats fish and eggs... but states he's vegetarian otherwise...

    The old boots are leather too... does that mean that there are no Vegans in the army?
  6. More reasons to make vegetarians miserable - Isn't that what vegetarians really crave?
  7. A think a better way to describe them and it wasn't me who said this originally is to describe them as anoyotarian's

    As they piss the rest off us off and ruin most of our food with their ideas and principles

    I'll get off my soap box and get my coat...... Taxi for 1
  8. I am not a vegetarian and enjoy a rare steak as much as the next fact if the next carnivore doesn't move quickly I'll eat him as well but the idea of deliberately adding animal byproducts to confectionary is obscene and is focused purely on making them fractionally cheaper so that by the ton profits go up a few pence.
  9. I'm sure that the calves are more disappointed.

    On a more serious note I'd like to point out that the calves are dead when this happens and other body parts are used for food, clothing and glue. Its not like anything gets wasted.
  10. I have to concur... I can imagine few things bleaker than a sunday morning sans bacon....

    The misery of it all....
  11. Good point - the only happy veggies I know are the ones who eat fish/eggs/maybe chicken/bacon. Vegetarianism Light maybe.

    Vegans are without exception* miserable flatulent skinny self righteous evangelical gits.

    However Masterfoods aren't doing this to annoy them, sadly, (although it would be a nice thought :D ), but to squeeze a few more pennies.

    *based on an independant poll conducted by me and the voices
  12. Maybe if more young people were weaned off of mars bars onto normal food, or even a diet of leaves and grasses and whatever shoite (tm) it is that annoyatarians eat, we'd end up with a few million less podgy little 10 stone 10 year old kids blobbing around, making everyone queasy and putting strain on the NHS.

    EDIT - for the record, as far as I am aware, after days of vegitarian loonies throwing themselves about, mars backed down and decided not to use animal products afterall.
  13. Will they now start putting real penguins and lions in the bars of choclate now then :?
  14. If they do, I'm never buying golden grahams or sugar puffs again.