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Marrying your mother-in-law is a human right.

I'm still struggling to understand this. While it may be within your rights to marry who you want that doesn't mean you have to. I'm within my rights to staple my scrotum to the bathroom door, I'm not going to do so. Just because you can do something does not mean you should.
And to think you lot whinge about the Human Rights Act. There you go, your right to a sportman's double is enshrined in law.
In your own time. carry on.......

There's a thread called that.................

EDIT:- its called " The sportsman's treble"
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War Hero
Warrington has always had a bit of an identity problem.
Neither Scouse nor Manc nor Lanc...

If you live there, it could be easy to get confused...


I just read the actual article ( so youse don' av to)
Recognised as 'Celebrities' on honeymoon....
Grandaughters, daughter, family don't talk to Granny anymore...

The bloke has what looks like a Tottenham Hotspur tat on his arm...

"Bloody Southerner, comin up here, stealin our Wimmin"
Warrington couple who first tried to marry in 1997, but husband-to-be was threatened with arrest if they tied the knot. A 500 year-old law banning in-laws from marrying had to be repealed, so they used Human Rights law to finally marry.

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must have cost the happy couple a fortune in legal fees....
Got a pic of your Mam in that dress?
Reported for homophobia. You should be asking for a picture of his dad in the dress for reasons of equality and inclusivity.

Although given he's Welsh it would be hard to tell which is which.
Teeblerone said:
Love is blind...QED.
Mind, again mid1980's, g/friend popped up on Farsbook & she looks about 70, craggy as the Valleys, but her mum hasn't changed much.
I wouldn't, but that's only because they're Welsh (and there's bound to be some sheep somewhere, look you bythere. etc)

You could always do the sportman's double whilst the sheep watched, it's probably what passes for dogging in Wales anyway

My bold .. hmm.. that reminds me of an old joke ..
Walking up near the B. Beacons with a real valley boyo and we passed a very large unusual rock. He turned to me and said "It was under that rock that I had my first shag!" ... "Did you?" I replied.. "Yes, funny thing her mum was stood on the rock watching us!" "Bloody hell" I said "what did she say?"

"Baa!" he replied!
Just how horrific is the daughter if the mother is more more attractive?
And would Pike?

has he ever said he wouldn't?

edited to add - how do we know it isn't him? it would explain an awful lot

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