Marrying in to the army

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by tarly8u, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Hi i'm new to this forum.

    I am getting married in a few months and was wondering what its like marrying in to the army?

  2. Crap, don't do it
  3. Cheers. lol. Why do you say that?
  4. I married the Army 20 years ago. It was fantastic. Then I got a wife.
  5. Shes right dont do it, its total crap bad thing is you will never see your other half because he will always be away trust me best thing too do is go and find a civvy hubby but if you love him just stick it out ...good thing about it is you will make alot of friends (other wifes) well maybe because some wifes are really stuck up
  6. Well to be honest, i recon your kind of wrong. My fiance never goes away really, only on exercise for a couple of weeks.
    When he does go on tour i'll be fine, coz we'll have a home, and it will damn better than living two hours away from each other.
    If you don't like the army life, why did you marry in to it?

  7. Come back in a couple of years after your husband has screwed his way through op tours and then we will see how rosy your views are on 'army life'

    Cynical? Yes I am.
  8. Are you in the army?
  9. No, I have a real job :D
  10. Are you married to someone in the army then?

  11. Lucky fella if he only does the odd exercise what's he been upto when the rest of the army have been playing in the sand pit and the rest of the fly blown placed across the world.

    I left the army with a heavy heart to marry my wife, depends on what type of person you are as to whether it will work for you and to where you are likely to be posted. If you have a half decent brain in your head and want some sort of worthwhile career think about it very carefully.

    and on a last note having a home that isn't 2 hours away from your partner will mean nothing when he eventually does do a tour and it's 6months between visits.
  12. No, I had a 5 year relationship and one son with a soldier.

    Please dont give me the old line about wives being more important than girlfriends either luv, my relationship lasted longer than most squaddie marriages.

    Believe me, there isn't one squaddie I know, including my ex, who hasnt screwed about behind his wife/girlfriends's par for the course so prepare yourself.

    I have just re-read this and I sound like a right cynical cow, but I have had about 2 hours sleep and not in the best of moods, so fcuk it. I'm posting it anyway :roll: :D
  13. I wasn't going to give you a line about being a girlfriend. If we had a normal civi relationship maybe we probably wouldn't be getting married yet, we would probably plan it further away. Although we aren't just marrying out of convenience.

    And i think you might be stereotyping army blokes a bit too much, and im sure i know my fiance a lot better than you, and he's more frightened about me leaving him. And to be fair, he probably won't stick the army. Not all blokes are bad, and i know plenty of my fiances army friends who are decent blokes and wouldn't **** around.

    Perhaps you need to be a bit more happy?

  14. IMHO, it will be better if you have your own home (we do) and so you really do "go home" each day, not stay inside the wire.

    Remember though you will always come second to the Army (where he works, how long he is away etc) and so you should brace yourself for a number of disappointments there.

    All in all though you will have a great social life and the welfare system can be top notch if "your" unit has it sorted as it should be.
  15. Yeah i know i come second, have done since we first met. And i am prepared for the opertional tours, as he may go away next year for quite a long time. But i am good at occupying myself and i will have a job etc, so im sure time will eventually pass.

    Thanks for your happier response.