Marrying a mong - good/bad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rudie, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. We are getting married........once the authorities decide if my fiancee has the mental capicity to consent to marrige.LINK
  2. Seems to be "interfering council busybodies" larging up their powers again.

    Article 12 HRA doesn't seem to say "unless the council think they are a bit thick" in any of the texts I could find. Must be written in special "social worker only" secret ink.

    If they want to (I wouldn't but ...)
  3. Bloody disgusting. They are threatening to take her baby away as well.
    Why can't they just offer her some support if she needs it.

    Will they be able to stop her getting married next year when she is 18? I doubt it.
  4. At least little Ben can ask his old fella for a hand with his homework when he gets older. No point in asking his mum.
  5. I too find this disgraceful, what right do social workers have to decide wether someone with learning difficulties has the capacity to consent to their own marrage? Or have the ability to look after their own child in a stable, loving home??

    If she was a smack riddled, single mum who got pregnant on the game, the social services would only step in after the kids been to the hospital 25 times with broken bones and bruises, or has been killed by one of the string of smack riddled boyfriends.

    I fail to see the humour anywhere in that article, it stinks of pre-emptive council interferance. Until that girl does something that clearly demonstrates she lacks the capacity to love and care for her child, then the council should keep their nose the fuck out! Denying her the right to marry is clearly a breach of her rights, as a human being, denying her the right to love and care for her child is a breach of nature.
  6. It could be worse.Remember this happy couple?

  7. I don't think the OP was really interested in the councils view point, (I may be wrong) but I think the overriding theme to this thread is; Is it good or bad to marry a mong? Why get caught up in another "Damn this country, damn the council, damn them all to hell"! :shakefist: rant when it was meant to be an amusing article (obviously the humour is reader dependant, but even then if you don't like it then nevermind eh)
    As for my own pint of view, well......Who do the council think they are? It's a disgrace, it's an outr...........blah,blah,blah.
  8. How come Jade Goody could get married then?
  9. Im not a great fan of mongs being allowed the right to procreate, its a given that elbow lickers will in turn raise elbow lickers, as fat c*nts generally breed equally fat c*nts..Show me a bandy legged wobbler attending it's childs university graduation and ill consider retracting my views
  10. (In)Fame, however trivial, overrides the law nowadays. Haven't you been following the Harridan Harperson mobile phone car crash saga?
  11. One of those two isn't human.
  12. This poses a great dilemma....should we get on the outrage bus or the sunshine bus?
  13. An acutely accurate turn of phrase there Reni. In tandem with the twitching and incessant handclapping it would be more like a fun dayout on the sunshine bus.

  14. My god! I didn't know Klingons actually existed until I saw this pic!
  15. There is a wedding coming up soon and the bride is somewhat on the rotund side, Im f*cking dying to knock up some invites with this picture on the front but fear that will be the final nail in a very nearly closed coffin in respect of family event invites