If legalized in civvi street, should they legalize it in the Army?

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Just talking marrrijuwania here...nowt else!

Me thinks that if legalized in civvy street, the MOD wouldn't have any choice in the matter once human rights legislation caught up...

I'm sure CO's would rather see their troops stoned on a Friday night than have them smashing up some civvies/nightclub/wife etc...

Your thoughts?
Have you been having a sly puff Eagle? Naughty, naughty, CDT are on their way round!!

I spent 13 years in the forces, and I don't think I ever came across drugs (hard or soft) in all that time. When I got out, I was amazed at the amount going around. My local pubs stink of maryjane most nights. All different age groups are puffing on the stuff. The government should catch themselves on and earn some money from it. Legalise it, slap a tax on it, and then everyone’s happy !!
You're right in pointing out that someone high on marijuana is far less likely to commit violent crime. From a monkey's point of view, someone who's stoned is certainly much less of a handfull than someone on twelve cans of brave-juice - I'd rather have someone laugh histerically at me (I know, it's the barrack dress) than try and kick my face in.

Problem is, the same can be said for ecstacy and even to a certain extent, cocaine and heroin. LSD and it's associates are another matter.

Anyway, all of the above are currently illegal and the bottom line is that anyone caught possessing and/or supplying drugs should expect to be dealt with severely in the Army, like it or not.

The jury's out for me as to whether or not/when cannabis will be legalised. Apart from the social issues, there are many health related concerns with smoking dope that will (more than comparisons with behaviour when high to being drunk) determine if or when it's legalised.

If it's legalised in Civilian Strasse though, it will be legal in the Army. HRA and all that...

Keep keeping your fingers crossed Eagle!
Eagle, I truly hate to toe the 'Party Line', (after all I write Letter's He He!) But I do believe it would be the worst thing that could happen to the Army. Although I agree with 90% of your argument I feel I have to point out that smokin' could easly be more harmful than drinking on Ex or OP's,after all how much doe's a 'Henry' weigh in comparison to Beer for the same effect? That given I have taken beer on Ex (most old and bold have........aaaaaaaah Germany) but I was limited by Logistical concern's, the space+ weight/effect. Armoured vehicles provided little succor, after all so much effort and so little kit v A bit of a Buzz!!
That however is not a 'Toss of the Coin' your Ganga smokin' soldier of the 21st Century will have to worry about. However he/she (so Pissee) may, given the nation's educational state, have problems working out the ratio of Rizzla-Leb-Tobbaco but who gives a shit? He can carry enough to see him through a few months and it dont take up space. It's not that I'm against 'Puff' it's just that it would never work in the Army because ther is alway's some Joker who would go too far and although that happens when people drink Alcohol how do you regulate a smoke? 8) :?
LWM, you need to come off the crack, 'man'!

Well done on yet another informed post.

Fucking wierdo.
Dear Mr Eagle, It would appear that only I have had my post removed. Given that I did not use any profanities in that particular post would you please care to PM me with you reasoning? I do acknowledge that this is your 'Chalkboard' however it would appear to anyone perusing this site that I had either gone OTT in my Defence or was not prepared to back up my statement!! :? Given that neither of the above was true I feel that at least I deserve a private if not public explanation :?:


Speaking personally, I thought smoking weed was mandatory once out of basic training.

The great debate between booze and cannabis is a non-starter. Why choose when you can have both? Many an Aldershot evening was spent consuming bucketloads of electric soup. But when we got back up the block you couldn't beat a Cornetto sized joint to round things off.

A Toms equivalent of port and cigars if you will.

"But smoking weed leads you on to hard drugs blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

No it doesn't. The only thing that smoking weed leads you to is the Yellow pages at 2 in the morning, trying lice fcuk to find a pizza place that will deliver to Montgomery lines.
Letterwritingman said:
Dear Mr Eagle, It would appear that only I have had my post removed. Given that I did not use any profanities in that particular post would you please care to PM me with you reasoning? I do acknowledge that this is your 'Chalkboard' however it would appear to anyone perusing this site that I had either gone OTT in my Defence or was not prepared to back up my statement!! :? Given that neither of the above was true I feel that at least I deserve a private if not public explanation :?:
I deleted at least four other posts so you weren't being singled out! :wink:

It was just going wildly off-topic, that's all.


smoking weed, i suppose very common these days, and I suppose those that use it do tend to mellow out, but, too many of them want to go and get nibbles etc, and jump in the car. As far as that goess it's a no,no. imagine some geezer driving a challenger, LGV or whatever totally mellowed out too scary for me.
I don't think it will be suitable for the lifestyle of a squaddie.
There is no difference Eagle, it's just the stigma built up over the years against the weed, even though alcohol is probably the worst evil of the two. A soldier driving a tank under the influence of which one? There's no difference. You just don't do it, but given the culture of the Forces, how many times does a squaddie drive out of barracks in an armoured vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter still pee'd from the night before? Drink is also associated to many things such as violence, murder, etc. You may also know someone who's whole life has been destroyed by drink, I do, and they lost their wife, daughters, house and career over the bottle. I don't know anyone who has lost so much over smoking dope. Smoking usually leads to an overall feeling of a relaxed state and being at peace with your surroundings.


Eagle said
...and getting pissed-up is?........

I just don't get it...what's the difference 'tween getting pissed-up and having a few smokes?
I didn't compare between the smoking MJ and drink as the effects of drink are well documented thats all. I deplore anybody who will drive a vehicle in a public place under the influence of any susbstance, knowing they are not in full charge of their brain functions. (but I still partake in plenty of boozing.)

C_c said
"But smoking weed leads you on to hard drugs blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

No it doesn't. The only thing that smoking weed leads you to is the Yellow pages at 2 in the morning, trying lice fcuk to find a pizza place that will deliver to Montgomery lines.
Are you certain of that statement? how do people get on to other susbstances? most try Cannabis first and like the buzz and proceed from there, searching for a bigger buzz, and yes it is not much difference between that and say starting off drinking shandies and ending up on meths. but if drugs are being misused, it is probably easier to nip off for a crafty poke than to go and get your can and not get caught.
Don't get me started! I despair. :(

I really don't know what the hell they are thinking of to talk of legalising the use of weed.

Does anyone really care about the message that is being given to our kids?

As far as my 15 yr old son is concerned -

''It's no big deal, the police wont do anything, they don't care.''

This is a comment from a kid that has been excluded from school for 3 months for having the stuff on him - and guess what - the police dont give a damn, they didnt even make contact with him or me following the report from his school.

And what about the health and psychological effects of smoking it?
I have witnessed the agression and the complete lethargy.
I dont care what anyone says, how many people that use class A drugs started on that road by using Cannabis - all of them, no-one goes straight onto the hard stuff, they progress from one to the other.

In my professional life I know of a really bright lad that is 'cabbaged' - for want of a better word- and has ruined his life due to taking drugs.
A levels coming out of his ears, he now suffers from psychosis and works stacking shelves under the supervision of a carer as he is classed as having a mental illness, yep he started off on Cannabis.

This is from ( Coalition against Cannabis)

10 medical reasons why cannabis should NOT be reclassified:

The adverse health effects of cannabis:

1.Cannabis today is, on average, 10 times stronger than in the 1960s. The concentration of THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol - the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, has increased from 0.5% to over 5%. The early research was done on these low concentrations. (Jan Ranstrom, Adverse Health Consequences of Cannabis Use, 1998, Socialstyrelsen, Sweden.)

2. THC is fat-soluble, 50% persists for nearly one week, and 10% for one month in the brain.
Even when smoking 'only' 1 or 2 joints a month, brain cells are never clear of cannabis. This contrast with alcohol, which is cleared relatively quickly from the body, (Nahas G, Latour C. The Human Toxicity of Marijuana, The Medical Journal of Australia, 1992.)

3. Addiction, both psychological and physical, can occur. Approximately 10% of all users and up to 90% of regular users become dependent. Of the 6 million drug addicts in the USA, 60% are dependent on marijuana. In the US, more young people are being treated now for cannabis dependence, than for alcohol. (Prof Colin Drummond, Professor of Addiction Psychiatry, House of Lords 28th November 2002; John Walters, USA Drug Tsar, in an interview, quoting data from American Drug Statistics, 17 Sept. 2002.)

4.Cannabis increases the risk of developing mental illness including schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, suicidal behaviour and anxiety.
The risk of developing a psychotic disorder is almost tripled. Young male users are 5 times more likely to be violent. Using cannabis 50 times of more increased the risk of psychosis by a factor of 6.7. (Arsenault L et al: Arch: Arch Gen Psychiatry, vol 57 oct. 2000 and Zammit S et al.: British Med Journal 2002; 325, 1195ff.

5. Smoking cannabis during pregnancy harms unborn children. Babies are smaller, and in childhood, their cognitive functioning shows impairment up to the age of six. (Day NL et al. Neurotoxm Teratol 1994. Fried PA: Archives of Toxicology 1995 (suppl) 17: 233-60)

6. Educational opportunities are lost.
Concentration, attention span, learning and memory are all severely affected. Cannabis can cause damage to brain cells. Few children, using cannabis even occasionally, will achieve their full potential. Loss of interest in hobbies, sports, school and inability to sustain attention are observed with cannabis use. (Nadia Solowij, Cannabis and Cognitive Functioning, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998. American Academy of Pediatrics. Pediatrics 1999; Baroness Susan Greenfield, the real danger of cannabis, The Observer 18.8.02).

7. Young Cannabis users risk cancer.
Cannabis smoke contains 50% more of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Three to four joints are as damaging as 20 cigarettes a day. As compared with smoking tobacco, smoking cannabis causes a threefold increase in tar inhaled. Lung, head and neck cancers in young cannabis users have been observed. These cancers usually occur in cigarette smokers in their 60s. (British Lung Foundation 2002 report on Cannabis: A smoking gun? Wengen DF, Laringorhinotologie, 1993; Hall W, Solowij N. Lancet 1998; 35: 1611-16.; Wu TC et al New England Journal of Medicine 1998; 318: 347-51.)

8. Cannabis increases the risk of heart attack by a factor of five.
After smoking cannabis, blood pressure and pulse rates rise and middle-aged people are 5 times more likely to suffer a heart attack. (Mittleman M et al. Circulation 2001; 103 2805-9.)

9. Cannabis smoking can lead to the use of harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin.
Weekly users are 60 times more likely to progress to harder drugs. Adolescents who use cannabis are 104 times as likely to use cocaine compared with those who never smoked cannabis. Almost 100% of heroin addicts started on cannabis. (Fergusson DM, Horwood, JL: Addiction 2002; 95: 505-20. American Academy of Pediatrics 1999)

10.Although 10 times as many people drink alcohol, cannabis is involved in a similar number of vehicle accidents.
10% of drivers involved in fatal accidents tested positive for cannabis, 80% of which did not have alcohol above the legal limit. Twenty-four hours after one single joint, airline pilots on flight simulators were still making mistakes, however were unaware of their reduced performance. (Soderstrom CA, et al. Arch Surg June 1988. Prof CH Ashton in evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee April 1998)

I don't wanna hear this crap about how it has soothing properties, it's a ferkin dangerous substance - and I'm sick of these namby pamby excuses for taking it.

Love from a worried Mum x x
But 3-10 also apply to booze. Would your son have been suspended for bringing cans of liquid nob-head to skool?



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As pointed out, bit of a strange poll, for if it's legalised, it's legalised - for everyone. The HRA takes care of that, I would think. As long as its 12 hours from driving, shooting, etc. - pretty much the same as for booze.

Don't think weed is a new phenomenon in the Army, either. As a (very) young Soldier in the Creggan, 1976, I was pretty astonished to be offer a puff by my LCpl while on cordon one cold autumn morning....

And as for Belize - at the end of the tour, the Adjt passed word around to the Bn that he would forget about smoking out there, but God help anyone who tried it in the UK. Astonishing amounts of blow were sent back to Blighty from there - the people were (are still, I imagine) dirt poor, and it was the only cash crop they grew.

Personal opinion - there would be far less yobbo behaviour and violence in GB if more blokes smoked weed than drank. But then, where would we get all our recruits from?
ex-dvr said:
Are you certain of that statement?
He should be, there is currently no medical evidence that hash is physically addictive. As for the harmful effects of smoking dope I think you'll find that comes from the tobacco and not the MJ itself.

Come to think of it if Sir Walter Raleigh rocked up from distant shores with a pouch of tobacco today do you think it would get on the market?

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