Married vs Single perks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chutley, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. I live with my partner - suppose in old money she's my common law wife. I pay a mortgage and have food available every night.

    I'm being posted away and will have to live in the mess mon - thurs. Fair enough. But why should I pay full charges and the married feckers get away with free accommodation. Bollox - it boils my wee-wee.

    Since I don't have a career and I'm an awkward cnut, I thought I'd pitch my tent on the mess lawn during the week, and use the mess facilities. Her indoors can approach the press and see if they could use the story. Might even take it to a 'uman rights lawyer and see if I can cause some fuss.

    Military discriminates against single and 'partnered' servicemen. What do ya reckon - worth a punt?
  2. Sorry, I think that only works if your 'partner' is another bloke.

    You could try doing her up the wrong 'un for a bit, and perhaps getting her to wear a false moustache.

    Hope this helps.

  3. You must be in the Royal Signals, always pitching tents and taking them down again. Why not just marry her, tax perks are coming if the Tories get in...but only if you have a slack handful of ankle biters
  4. Not having met your partner, I couldn't really comment.

    Though I probably still would.
  5. Bagsie after Mistersoft.
  6. The reality is that like many other organisations the military only reconise partnerships it they have been registered by marriage or CP. If you have no legal commitment to your partner why the h*ll should the military
  7. Just see the time away from home as the chance to be single during the week.

    Loads of time in front of the telly watching footy and drinking beer while talking bollox with your mates. Safe in the knowledge that your other half wont be walking in and trying to turn over to EastfuckingEnders or Coronationshite.

    Then when you go home at the weekend she'll have missed you so much that she'll jump your bones all weekend and leave you with an empty sack ready to go away again the following week.

    Worked for me for 5 years. I'm at home all the time now and have to sod off to the pub when the footy is on (such a hard life :D ).
  8. Unless things have changed in the last 5-6 years when I was MUA I paid food, accommodation and CILOCT the same as everyone else. Also, as my RAO was fcuking shite and even though I was over 35, they twisted the rules in their favour and said that as I was already living-in when I turned 35 that I couldn't take advantage of the Over 35's package, when I knew dam well that several WO2's and other's were getting it and that they were in the same boat as me when they applied for it. Cnuts.

    As I remember their were 4 scenarios that would make you eligible, but the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, (as the RAO's was known as), just put their Lah Lah ears on and went back to reading the Trinidad Express

    Like I said, even if you're married and live in your own house you'll still get screwed as the system is only really set up to cater for the Pads that live on the Patch and not those that live in their own properties. I owned my own house for 20 of my 23 years service and I got royally rogered by every Admin Office that I ever dealt with.

    I suppose that the military system in just a mirror image of the welfare state in that, "you either have nothing and expect everything or you have everything and expect nothing".
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    No such thing. It's over 37.
  10. Yep. I used to be on that. Only gave free accm though because we were (under)fed under PAYD.

    Still better to have the few quid that it I saved through it to use as beer tokens in the mess than taken by the army.
  11. I bought my own house in the same town as the quarter I was living in and when I went to re-assess my Res-to-Pod, I could only claim the distance from my old quarter to my new house, which at approx. 1 mile made for reduction in my claims by some 90%. :x

    Also similar happened to a mate of mine, he lived in his own house some 20+ miles for the camp and could claim Res-to Pod, he went on a roulement tour and when he came back and subsequently back on strength, the rules had changed and he couldn't claim a penny. He lost £000's a month.
  12. You obviously knew what I meant. Like I said, it was a while ago.
  13. Perks for singles over married easy lots of O