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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by diggler123, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am shortly going to be posted unnacompanied, my family will stay in our private house. I intend to commute weekly. What am i entitled to? Is it home to duty travel or GYH travel?

    Also how much would I have to pay for food and accom, does the intro of PAYD affect what I would pay for food?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. I did this when based in Ediburgh and t'other 'alf lived in the Midlands.

    I received GYH of £7 a day, i had to pay full rates of food and accomodation.

    Don't know how you would be affected with PAYD, i suspect that you will be in the same boat as the singlies.

    Things change slightly if you are on the over 37 package.
  3. It's Saturday night and I don't have any references to hand, so here goes:

    From April, I think the food charge is £3.20/day, PAYD or not.

    If you are over 37, you pay for food but not accommodation. Under 37, you pay for single accommodation at the relevant rate.

    You receive the GYH package which pays for 12 return trips per annum.

    I think there is a minimum distance - which is something like 50 miles. So, if your house is less than 50 miles away, the Army expects you to commute daily unless the CO decides otherwise.

    Happy to be proved wrong...

    Talk to what is left of your Pay Office staff!

  4. I'm soory Litotes,

    I have to disagree on the PAYD thing,

    If you don't eat anything you don't pay anything,

    I currently live in the mess during the week, pay accomodation, but only pay for what I actually eat, eat nothing, pay nothing,

    The amount GYH depends on how far away you live
  5. Really look in to this well, I was over 37 and posted back to UK for my last 3 years and lived over 60 miles from camp. Due to the poor advice given to me by the Pay Office I was unable to claim Get You Home or RESPOD for communting. So check, check and double check what they are telling you!
  6. And if you need a real answer then come back to ARRSE later on!
  7. When does your FofS course end?
  8. Oh your good, so good!

  9. Sorry, my mistake! I tried to write sensibly - and failed!

    My understanding is that if you are not subject to PAYD, the daily food charge is £3.20 and if you are subject to PAYD, the core meals also cost £3.20.

    And if you don't eat under PAYD, you pay nothing!

  10. The days of the beanstealers are long gone.
  11. FIS cse. One will be finishing "shortly".