Married unnacompanied......What am i entitled to?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doubleduck, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. My wife and i are currently buying a house in the UK i am based in BFG. If she goes back to UK to occupy the house with kids and i live married unnacompanied what exactly am i entitled to? If i am paying council tax on my own house in UK do i still pay ciloct? What about any gyh claims? Anyone doing the same ? What do you get? If i lived in the stripeys mess what would i have to pay for ect???

  2. Read JSP 752
  3. not much, sadly.

    there is no such thing as married unaccompanied anymore - you will be classed as VOLSEP - or voluntarily separated.

    you will pay cilot.

    you will be entitled to GHY(D), but i'm not sure at what rate.

    you will revert to the lower LOA rate...
  4. Married unaccompanied. Way back when; that meant peace, freedom, nights out and come home when you like, spare cash, late nights, mates, more choice in movies, mixing with dubious women and much more :D

    Facetious? Yes. Helpful? Perhaps not. Sorry mate 8O
  5. You will pay Food Charges, unless at a PAYD unit Single Accn & CILOCT Charges and be entitled to LSA Level 1 if you are in a different theatre to your wife, or GYH(M) if in the same theatre.

    However if you are both in LOA Land and are not living accompanied and she is not military then she will lose all BFG Entitlements !!

    You will also be on Single LOA Rates and if you live in the Mess, your Subs will more than likely double what you are paying now as you will be a 'liver in'.

    Hope that has cheered you up :D
  6. It also gave you lifetime professional beanstealing rights
  7. If you are paying ciloct when 'voluntary seperated'. Then how does your local council treat you. Can they charge you for being in 2 places at the same time? Basically If I am paying ciloct for being under one council, does the council where my family home is charge you also? Is it gauged just on your wife and kids or do they try and count you as being there also?