Married unacompanied

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by captin_thunderpants, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. having spoken to my sqn clerk in regards to what i was entitled to claim if i were married unacomanied, he did his best to find out but got fobed off, does anyone know what the score is with this?

  2. have a packet of condoms with you!!!! while unacomanied.....
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  3. Are you Army? Are you Over-37?

  4. If your Sqn clerk got fcuked off, then your fcuked... My advice is to get another Sqn clerk or read JSP 752. I can give you a copy if u want
  5. can someone can give me a little info on this pse, i am Army and under 37.
  6. CS,

    You will pay single accommodation charge for the mess/block, you will also pay as you dine if in a PAYD unit if not then from 1st July you will pay the normal food charge.

    However your best bet is to check with your admin chain.
  7. Lilotes are you still able to get the over 37 package now :? If so is it free room in the mess and you pay for your food
  8. You will be receipt in LSA level one of you serving MU in different theatres, this replaces what used to called MUSA. wef 01 Jul 07 you will pay food charges at MU rates. Over 37package is different.
  9. I need some advice. I have just got married and my wife is not moving to my camp. She is self employed podiatrist and has patients etc and I don't want her give it up. I have spoke to my clerk ref MU but she thinks I won't be entitled to it, something to do with voluntary unaccompanied which I think is a load of s**t. My Regt 39 RA has just been told there are getting disbanded on my second day there (coming from 40 Regt which has disbanded). Surely I'm entitled to MU?
  10. You made the choice to. Be married unaccompanied, the army didn't force you into it.
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  11. I know that, just checking what the script, obv not entitled to it.

  12. I chose to be married unaccompanied and I get it.
    All be it because I have own house probably. However, there are other blokes who are in the same boat at my place. They chose to be unaccompanied because of kids schooling, wives jobs etc. and they all get it too.
  13. At last a decent reply, it's hard to get one on this site. Cheers mate
  14. By decent you mean the answer that you wanted.