Married Unacompanied food charges whilst on a course

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doubleduck, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. I am a married accompanied in BFG Sgt who recently attended an 8 weeks course in Blandford. I am now in BATUS on Temp Staff for 4 months and i have only just checked my payslip in detail and seen MU food charges for the 2 months away. I was accomodated in the temporary Sgts mess and the charges are FOOD CH(MU) @ £2.68 per day. Should have i been charged for this? I have looked back at previous pay slips and when attending long courses before i.e last year i never got charged this.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I would just like to point out that i havent been able to speak to any of my unit clerks in regard to this because i am in BATUS and quite busy and the obvious time difference.
  3. There has been a thread about this before. I think its all to do with JPA or PAYD. But yes its how things are now! Great innit?
  4. What if you don't want to eat the sh1t served up? If I was on course in Chatham where the food is disgusting on a good day and got charged MU food charges I would be kicking off every day about it.
  5. We have now been told that as we are temp staff in BATUS that we will be charged food and accomodation for the 4 months we were told to come here for. I have been ordered to leave my family ( agree that LSA compensates me for that) and then im getting charged food and accom for being away aswell there is no incentive to go away anymore i didnt volunteer to come here. Im not gaining anything from being here. The excercises couldnt function without TS out here and still im getting charges on a daily basis!!!
    If you were employed by a civi company who sent you away on a course or even detached you to work in another country you would be housed in a hotel paid for by the employer, fed by way of actuals by your employer, and would be compensated for time away also more than the amount you get on LSA!!!!! Its a joke and just another excuse for people to leave. If im not mistaken this mans army isnt overmanned and thay cannot afford to be pushing people out of the door.
    With what they have given us in 1 hand they have taken with the other.
  6. The simple answer is PAYD is it not.
  7. Feck me - -£2.68 a day - - - and you didn't want to go on the course in the first place - - -whats things coming to ???
    Your in the feckin' army, for feck sake - -

    I'll get me coat - - :D
  8. And you can afford to throw good money away? The point is we are paying for the privelidge of being sent away are we not? Lets not get sarcastic about it ......... And as for being in the army yes i am but i didnt want to pay to go away....
  9. No you are paying your fair share in life. When you are away on courses you are not eating at home so therefore your home food bill should be less.

    Literally a case of having your cake and eating it :!:
  10. OK im willing to pay my share in life but paying through the nose because youre going to be better at something which in turn will benefit the army and put your workload up? the army wins you lose out.....wait on dont tell me ....... youre not a pad ... believe me if you were youd understand. Either that or youre getting paid much more than everyone else i know.
  11. Yes i am a pad - but i've never expected something for nothing. Although not one to refuse a frebbie i don't mind getting for what i am paying for.
  12. The reason you dont mind is because youre living off a bit fat wedge of canadian married accompanied LOA you Ringer!!!
    You must be the only pad in the army that is up for paying when told to go away...Or just looking for an argument .......... CNUT