Married Unacompanied Advice Please

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tubbyboy, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm after a little clarification of the rules. As a junior mit wife and quarter, if I were to be posted, would I be able to keep on my quarter and live in SLA at the new posting and commute weekly?

    I know of a few seniors who have done this but I've never heard of a junior doing it.

    Any comments gladly received,

  2. That depends on the quartering situation in both locations and the case that you make! Talk to the Families Officer in the first instance to see how the land lies. The points to be considered are children's education, medical history, family, employment prospects etc.

    Your new CO will have to agree as he, in effect, will have to pay your MMA claims and he will want to ensure that the journey is not going to affect your availability for duties.

    Have you thought about the wear and tear on your car - for which you will not be compensated. Residence to Place of Duty or whatever JPA calls it these days is not generous!

  3. Cheers Litotes,

    I'll bear all that in mind. Have to hope that my families officer will be sympathetic....

  4. Litotes is 100% right, you must put up a good case to DHE or the Housing Office for retention, my son has been recently diagnosed as Autistic, therefore, a good case for the retention of the Qtr that we are in right now as it's close to family members and the school he is at meets his needs, that's an example, DHE will not automaticaly let you retain a Qtr, you must put a case up.

    When you say commute Weekly, Litotes, I do not think he means HTD, I take it that you mean you wish to travel home at weekends, if you get authority to retain your MSQ you will be eligiable for GYH (T) at the mileage from your SLA to your MSQ as a monthly allowance in your wage.

    Good Luck

  5. Exactly what I meant and thanks. It's all hypothetical at the minute, but I thought I'd find out beforehand as I stand a highish chance of a posting soon and there are a few good reasons for my wife to stay on. Whether the Army will agree is another matter!

  6. Tubs agree with LJS. I had retention last year due to going on posting that was located in a hot and dusty climate prior to moving to Deutschland.

    If the reason is genuine you should have no problems.

  7. Can someone help,

    I have recently got married and my wife is not living with me at camp. Therefore I thought I would be entitled to married unaccompanied pay. After speaking to my clerk she is not sure of the rules behind it. She thinks i might not be eligible because I'm not involuntary separated? I think this is a load of crap. My wife is a podiatrist and has patients in Scotland and I'm based in Newcastle. I can't expect her to give up her job and lively hood to move to Newcastle then somewhere else soon after due to the Regt disbanding.

    Someone please help :)

  8. Must be a wah?......or, Welcome to the Army and stop whinging...You should have thought of that before you got hitched or do you expect the barmy army to revolve around you?

    What do you think others wives had to do when 10's of 1000's of us got posted to Germany? My moosus left her banking job to follow me over there ......and postings to NI from there for a 4 monther, if your mossus went home to her parents during your tour, you lost the MU pay.

    If there's SFA available and you CHOSE not to take it, why should the Army pay you for making that decision?...ISTBC re the current rules.

    But you sound like another whining cock who wants it all ways and not prepared to face the reality of being a Pad.
  9. If you can't expect her to give up her job to be with you, how about you give up your job to be with her?
    And I thought married unaccompanied pay was if you were outside the theatre your family were in. Wait til Scotland goes independent and you may have a chance (slim and none).
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  10. My wife has a career unlike many pad wives who are happy to sprout out hundreds of kids and live off benefits or better still work in a pathetic job in the hub. I'm not a whiner I'm just asking a question, which I thought I would get a reasonable response obv not. Although I do find it quite funny people are quick to assume peoples circumstances. If I'm a whiner I would be whining about being put into a Regt because mines disbanded only to find out the second day the new Regt is getting disbanded.
  11. Is your middle name lucky?
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  12. .....Hmm? Like you have assumed the circumstances of your fellow soldiers wives?

    Why don't you voice that dissmissive opinion to your colleagues and the pathetic jobs that their wives sometime do/are only capable of doing?...I'm sure that you'll get some interesting responses and may even change that high minded opinon that you have of yourself and wife.

    Face facts, she's now a squaddie's wife mucka....and if you want her to remain one, then you'll have to struggle by on the two incomes that you have coming in, off set by not seeing eachother as often as you like.....or bite the bullet and maybe if she's lucky, she too can get one of those dull jobs you mention.

    And you still haven't answered why you think that the mob should pay you extra for willingly living apart from your wife?

    Plus you don't really know anything about the other wives do you? E.G My wife was the youngest daughter of a Major in the Sigs based at Whitehall. She gave up her job to join me because that was the way it was..she also had German language quals, which helped her find something else....and we had the understanding to ask the important questions about SFA and postings BEFORE we got married...while realising that things do change in the mob and usually for the worse..... and at fecking short notice.

    Tell your missus to get the OMO box ready.
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  13. Can you still get that stuff?
  14. Mrs TSNM tells me you can,but she has had the same box for years sitting in the window.She tells me it keeps the flies from marking the curtains.
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  15. Your wife may have a career. It's ******* obvious that you haven't.
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