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standstill said:
I own and live in my own home. My wife has a well paid job in the local community and does not want to move. My next posting is too far for me to commute daily (45 miles each way - but due to poor roads it would take 1 1/2 hrs each way) so I plan to serve as married unaccompanied. However, there are no Mess facilities in the area.

What am I entitled to?
It's called SSSA - but I can't remember what it stands for! Depending on your rank, you are given a flat near work and an allowance for food.

I'll try and find the reference because I am likely to be in a similar situation...




Many thanks. Does this stand even if I am voluntaryunaccompanied, own house which is within 50 miles (but 1 1/2 hrs travelling).

Reference would be very helpful.
I believe that if your house is within the 50 mile radius you are not entitled. I checked this out as my house is over 50 miles from my current post, but commuting takes me 1hr each way.


DrainSniffer is right on the money. The 50 mile limit is the clincher. However you may be able to argue the case that your circumstances warrant a waiver, but it will have to be argued. You live within 50miles of your new posting, you have no automatic right to SSSA or FIA.


Is it not 50 miles and/or 1 and a half hour travel time? Not sure, just asking, as I know someone who has the full SSSA and FIA entitlement and his house is only 43 miles away but it takes him over an hour and a half to get to work. (yes he does live at the back of beyond)

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