Married Unaccompanied.... what am i intitled to...

Need help!

Moving to Colchester soon and Mr B!tch will be in Plymouth. My house is in Hampshire and at the moment Mr B!tch is travelling at the weekends and claiming for it. We have decided to keep our house as it is in the middle of both bases.

The thing is i have been told that i may be able to claim to travel home at the weekends but i was of the understanding that i couldn't cos he is. My pay clerk is a complete waste of space, you'd think it was his own money!

Can anyone help and tell me what the score is.

I know the answer but do not see why I (or you) should accept such shoddy service from your pay bloke..if you accept it they will not learn about customer service & everyone else in your unit will suffer too.

Put a simple letter to your RAO explaining your circumstances and request written confirmation of what you can claim. They are paid lots & lots of money to know about these things (or find out about them) so test them.

When their reply comes in back-brief me. If their written reply does not arrive within 14 days also back brief me - File 13 is not an option.

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