married unaccompanied/over 37 package


Can anyone out there help me out?
I am in the middle of buying a house which will hopefully go through at the end of this month. What I would like to know is what I need to do to get my wife and kids over to the new house and me into the Mess. Unfortunately none of the Clerks at my place have been of any use.
I've heard about the over 37 package but i believe it's changing with JPA. Can someone give me a step by step run down of what I need to do.

Many Thanks!!

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My own experience was to apply for Dist allowance as normal and move the family. On moving into the mess (at new unit in my case) I told the admin staff I was going onto the Over 37 package and they did the rest. As to what will happen with JPA I don't know. It would be too much to expect there to be a "check box if on over 37 package". Don't forget to fill in the GYH form for your milage allownace.
Over 37 package is still in with JPA. Army has kept it even though RAF and Navy didn't have a similar package. When you move give new details to your admin clerk BUT do not accept any disturbance allowance or you will not be eligible for GYH as married unnacompanied.
You wont pay any accom but will pay a reduced food rate - about £78 per month and will qualify for GYH(T) under new JPA rulings - the amount varies depending on how far your home is from place of duty.
Rough estimate is 300 miles = £8 daily.