Married Unaccompanied allowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sprogmeister, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. A young lad in my charge is off to European climbs, but leaving his wife in his quarter in the UK. He has been allowed to retain the quarter because his other half has college courses she needs to see out and he has been short toured. I have tried to advise, but get conflicting answers. Can anyone advise me to advise him on what he is actually entitled to please? (LSA, LOA, MUSA etc)
  2. When I left the ball and chain behind 2 years ago I got LOA and LSA, I believe LSA replaced MUSA. He should get LOA and LSA suitable to his rank, not sure if kids are figured into the LSA but definately not in the LOA.
  3. Thanks Cherryviper. I wondered, are the rules the same for retained a quarters and self owned/rented properties?
  4. If it's the Matterhorn or Eiger I can assist - otherwise not.
  5. Damn! Forgot the climbing gear
  6. Because the lad is no longer in the area and the wife is doing a course at her own choice. They are no longer entitled to the quater and will be required to give it up. She will be able to claim for transport fares to college on her husbands JPA however.

  7. He has benn granted retention as he is posted early to Germany and her courses are in UK.