Married to the boss

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by soldier_smith, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. I'm in a fairly unique position, I am a corporal and work alongside one other, who is married to our platoon commander (A ssgt), initially it was working fine but they both started to take the piss - it started with minor things that didnt really matter - they both smoke, and it went from 5 mins an hour to about 15 mins every hour (a long time for a 9 hour day when you end up doing the job of two people). Then 1 hour lunch breaks became 2, and then 3 hours every day. Then the Cpl spending all am/pm in the SSgts office not doing any work at all, leaving me to do the job of both of us.

    Then to rub my face in it the cpl began getting random days off (outside of leave) and plently of leave aswell. The SSgt emailed all our staff stating how many leave days we all had left, at this point in the year on our staff calendar the Cpl has had 29 days off to date, and the SSgt 36. On the SSgts email stated the Cpl has 52 days remaining and the SSgt 35.

    Surely if at best you can have 15 carry over (there has been no tours/other circumstances for any extra) the best you would end up with would be 53 days (15+38 normal) and surely not 52 after 29 days leave?

    I raised it up the chain and got told to wind my neck in, so since im now doing two peoples jobs im curious what other opinions are? Should I just wind my neck in or are they committing a kind of JPA fraud etc?
  2. All the leave can be done off a JPA report. If you seriously think they are laughing at you, PM me with your unit's name. I am back on work on Wednesday (PDP*) and can finally get back on DII in my bijou office.

    Yours, Dale T

    *Pirate Dog Permitting.