Married Soldiers

Married soldiers I have a wonderful idea for how to bring up your offspring.
As you all know the singlies NAAFI is extremely well stocked and somedays you can even get bread and milk at the same time. This means that single soldiers have to use JHQ NAAFI for their more specific needs.
Im not suggesting that any of you would have got married just to get out of the block and then had children just for something to talk about, this is just the impression I get. When youve had children why not spend absolutely no quality time with them and let them wander the streets learning the lessons of life from older children because you cant be bothered with them. This is obviously a great army tradition.This does however cause a problem that you cant leave them roaming the streets while you go shopping on a Saturday morning. Fotunatly the NAAFI at JHQ is an ideal place to teach your children discipline. Shout at them,spank them and basically make them scream the whole time you are there. You can invite all your friends with children to create a real noise hazard when everybody is trying shop.
My suggestion is that you spend the 15 pounds a day you get in LOA to get a professional to bring up your unruly wards because you cant be bothered.


War Hero
Hmmm, are you in any way balanced?  I mean do you have a chip on each shoulder?

and what IS a noise hazard?
I hear ya brookie....

If kids aren't taught what is acceptable behaviour in the home, don't be surprised when they act like brats in the street.

I have the answer to this problem I am a father myself and have invested in a big stick, and they will never complain or you can threaten them with the naughty cupboard in your cellar. ;D
Another solution is to read the book "a child called it"  ;D
many ideas are had from that book......
for anyone who has read it, i was joking  8)  ;)
it has to be said that there are quite a few children running around on jav bks going wild, i find it amusing when they knock on my door and run away which tends to be on friday nights  ;D

but didnt we all do it as kids ???
or was i just the bad boy  ::)
The only way to teach a child to act like a single soldier on "Millionaires weekend" (First weekend after the money goes in the bank (That's the duty with my name on it)) is to allow them free rein. Why the average single soldier thinks they can moralise on the subject of control is beyond comprehension. Brooky, do yourself a favour, go and stand on the gate at 4AM on the first weekend after being paid and write an essay on how tranquil and serene the ambience is.
Eeeeeeh pads versus singlies eh? The never ending argument. Although Digimon you are missing the point. The reasons singlies behave badly is to impress birds which is something youths don't have to worry about. I mean let's be brutally honest, there is nothing chicks dig more than double leg urinary antics, fighting and beating up taxi drivers. Just ask Lesley Grantham, he topped a taxi driver and look at all the rude thing he gets.
Which brings me on to another point. When Mr Grantham was on the TV version of Cluedo as Colonel Mustard, surely every week the answer should have been the same. Instead of "Ms Scarlet in the Library with a candle stick", for example. It should have been "Lesley Grantham in the back of a german taxi with a shooter".
Carry on


Apparently the jerry cabbie had it coming "you vill neffer gess who I had in ze back last week". He was giving it to Dirty Den all the way back and wouldnt stop at the Schnelly. At the trial, he tried to blame it all on Nick "giz a fiver ma, you old cow" Cotton, but they banged him up anyway.


O f course the kids run riot, you don't want them hanging around the Qtr disturbing the peace give 5 DM as was in my day, then they can annoy all the singlies who are trying to pick up the wife of.. in the NAAFI shop!!
You get provided 3 meals a day why would you need to buy anything extra from the pads NAAFI, we were not fooled then and wont be now, get back to your block and stay there til Friday night!! then we will allow you out
I know what you pads are like. Send the youths out with a pound so you can fire one up the old lady and then put lumps on her during a drunken naked row.
Think of the mental scars if a nipper comes home to find the old man shadow boxing over the missus' prone body with his old chap looking like it just got a new coat of varnish.
Terrible isn't it


you are either a pad or peeping tom, brought back flashbacks from all those years ago...very scary!!
Hummmmmm  "new coat of varnish"
the quote "And there should be separate checkouts for Offrs, SNCOs and Toms. " was once put into the sixth sense a few years ago by a guy I knew as a spoof letter which the editor published.  You should have seen the replies over the following few weeks - what a laugh!!

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