Married @ Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Rupert_the_first, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Alright chaps (and chapesses),

    Been lurking for a few months, since starting my application to become an Army Officer, and am currently supposed to be attending Briefing 1 in near future. As you might see from my profile, currently working as an accountant and auditor, and bored senseless.

    Wanted to tap your collective knowledge about relationships and Sandhurst. Quick searches clearly throw up a "forget it" trend, coupled with the occasional positive story. However, most of these are from some time back, so I wanted to get people's opinions and advice for 2010.

    Getting married late this year, when I'll be reaching the upper range allowed for officer recruitment. Ideally otherwise would have put off by a year so wifey isn't spending first year of married life alone. Questions, then, are:

    * Main army website states that there is some married quarter accomodation at Sandhurst, although this is only for terms 2 and 3. However, can't find any more info about this. Anyone have any first hand experience or knowledge of whether this is still the case, on what basis any accomodation might be allocated, or any other pertinent or useful general information?

    * Any views about whether better off going TA vs Regular route vis-a-vis getting my balls licked and doing duty to Q&C ?

    * Any recent experiences of either being married or in a serious relationship whilst at Sandhurst, which you'd be willing to share with us?

    Thanks in advance, and bring the flak.
  2. Don't you get issued a fresh young Fulhamite, and a butler, on your 1157 when you start RMAS?

  3. I wasn't aware you were entitled to a pad while in training. I was speaking to a guy who was commissioning from the ranks who was married and his wife had to stay in the pad they had in Tidworth or where ever he'd been based before starting at RMAS.

    Your best bet would be to speak to the careers office, they'll have all the latest info with regards to MQs etc
  4. My old fella was married at 19, before he went to Sandhurst, my mum followed him there when he was doing his SMC course, for 6 months I think, that was 1977. Probably doesnt help.
  5. There were two married men in my company who managed to successfully combine the commissioning course and their relationship. Loads of people also kept the same girlfriend all the way through (losers? lad.) - in fact, many other halves loved the copious amounts of social events and other benefits, once they'd realised that their 'boyf' being away in Wales for a week or two with only the occasional surreptitious text for contact was not the end of the world.
    The married quarters were not at Sandhurst itself but at a manageable distance eg Frimley or Aldershot. I believe they were expected to stay every working night at Sandhurst, as per the rest of us, but of course as the year wore on they soon worked out how many nights at home per week they could get away with. One even had three young kids to look after.
    The only thing is that both were in the system beforehand: one an ex-ranker and the other a Welbexian. I can't say if it is the same for a civvy cadet, but it is obviously possible and well worth it to give it a go. Good luck.
  6. You're very unlikely to get a pad at RMAS - more than likely in one of the nearby garrisons.

    And it will be a Private Soldiers pad.

    When I went through, two ex-rankers (married) were on the course (different companies) and I think they had a pad in the Shot. Nice.

  7. I just sent you a PM there Rupert
  8. Ta for messages. As I suspected, it's not as clear as I'd hoped!

    Just for info, here's what the army website says:

    "During your training at Sandhurst, you'll have your own furnished room with shared washing and toilet facilities. Married cadets' spouses and families may live in married quarters near the Academy during their second and third terms but cadets must remain in their Academy accommodation during the working week."

    Link: Clicky

    Doesn't seem to suggest there's any limit to this, or what criteria it would be on though, which is a shame. Prob best to chat to the ACA I guess, (thanks @ Wager).

    Any more comments, keep 'em coming!

  9. Well there's always the obvious got married Rupert, why the hell would you do that?
  10. From my RMAS joining instructions: "Candidates who are serving soldiers with Personal Status Categories (PStatCat) 1 or 2 and who wish to move their families to sandhurst should note that they will normally be offered SFA in Aldershot, not at RMAS."

    That would seem to suggest that you can't bring your wife with you to Sandhurst if you're not already serving. Ring OCAC on 01276 412556 to find out for certain. They're the only ones who will have the full up to date info.
  11. why on earth would you want your wife to come with you?i'm married and intend on kicking her out of the house so I can rent it out and she can live with her parents.

    Days off at Sandhurst you're going to be either sleeping or going out with your section to London Town!
  12. And who said romance was dead?!
  13. Look on the bright side!No problem finding someone to take to the Commissioning Ball!
  14. You're a gent Dirk!

    Thanks for advice /Jew_Unit.
  15. Do not fret my dear Rupert, I have been married for 4 too can one day enjoy that moment when you wake up and realise the honeymoon period is over!