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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tumanfa, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi I just need abit of advise for a friend,

    She is getting married on saturday and was originally told their quater would be available 21st dec but today she has been advised it will be the end of Jan, still no exact date.

    She gave up the lease on her house when she was told 21st dec so is about to have a very rough christmas with her 6month old baby.

    One of her friends also put in for a house AFTER her and is currently in the process of moving onto the same garrison, how can that work?

    Surely they should have to give an exact date or atleast provide help in getting her accomodation instead of her having to shack up with her parents while they pull their fingers out and find her a quater.

    She is desperate to get into their quaters as her hubby is on tour in march/april so they obviously want abit of a married life before he goes!

    Any help or advise would be great.
  2. Her hubby would have been given an allocation of quarter notice ages ago. He would/should have visted the property and then signed to say he excepted this offer of a qtr. Afterwhich he has a marching in date where officially gets the keys and checks and notifys the DHE of any damages etc, staines in carpets and the like. You can move into your Qtr 4 weeks prior to marraige although no co-habitate, the date he signed for the keys is the date the bills start from, i.e. Council Tax, Water Leccy.

    I do not see them allocating a Qtr then removing it for any reason other than it is unhospitable, tell your mate to call the Regimental Families Officer ASAP! Thats the best I can advise at the moment. Good Luck
  3. Thank you for your help. After he signed to accept the quater i walked down to take a pic of it for her and there was still people in it, and they are currently still in it and all they told her was for some reason the people currently in there hadnt applied for a pre march out so they must have been extended!

    He has only just passed out and was originally due to pick up the keys while he was on final ex so they then changed the date to the 21st but I said to her to double check it as I would have thought everyone was on xmas leave by then and this is when all this came to light!

    Do They have to provide you with a quater within a certain time scale of you getting on the list?
  4. Officially you are supposed to be given a quarter address within 14 days of application, DHE should not be allocating quarters that are still occupied even if a pre-march out has been booked in case the situation changes.

    Your friend is entitled to a quarter no matter what and if one cannot be provided then alternative accomodation will be arranged even if is locally rented property which the army pays for (in a round-about way)
  5. Again I would STRONGLY advise to get in touch with the families officer prior to Xmas leave kicking in on Friday.

    If she has given up her property DHE HAVE to provide alternate accommodation as stated above, failing that threaten to call The SUN as she would be out of home with a baby at Xmas, granted if you threaten to do that people start to move pretty quickly. Again good luck
  6. The Army Families Federation can often give very good advice...

    Try them before ringing The Sun!
  7. Does you regiment / battalion have a welfare house? If so they might be able to move in there on a temporary basis or DE will have to either give them another qtr or if none are available they can either go in to a hotel then claim back the costs or DE can rent them a house at public expense.

    Get your mate to the Welfare office ASAP, the clock is ticking!

  8. Do not book a hotel without first getting permission to do so from someone who knows what they are on about and can authorise it - they could end up with a very nice stay in a hotel with a very large bill to pay themselves!

    Do get your friend to speak to the families/welfare office. Do get your friend's fiance to speak to his chain of command. Do also try the AFF.

    Good luck.
  10. Stilts,

    I only wanted to make sure a newly married couple (one of whom is a junior tom) didn't book into a hotel and expect that it would be paid for them.

    I am aware that the welfare concern means the welfare/families office can speak to both but the Chain of Command should really be approached by the serving soldier if at all possible, if only to let them know the families office is involved and dealing with it.
  11. Thank you for your help everyone, she rang them yesterday and the conversation started as, nothing is available untill jan some time and ended in her having a quater ready for them monday...... Army wife tantrum wins the day :)