Married quaters who should get them

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by welsh, May 20, 2010.

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  1. I have tried to get my PSTAT changed to allow me the ability to see my children on week days nights and weekends.
    The army dont recognise this fact and will not allow my chnage and wont allow the system to allocate a quater.
    Has anyone come across this?
    Has anyone had any sucess?
    Does the RAF have a different rule?
  2. Qatar is a big country mate, just try for a 3 bedroom semi
  3. There are clearly defined regulations which determine which PSTAT you are placed in - if you don't meet the requirements your PSTAT will not be changed.

    The rules are the same across all the services.
  4. OK spelling shit never mind
  5. My mate had his personal circumstances taken into account. It's no good having access to the kids if you haven't got your own pad. Seek proper advice mate - it's achievable
  6. The only reason i ask is i have heard that the RAF have allowed quaters for single dads?
    Looking for a steer as to any sucesses in getting PSTATs changed. To allow for dads who regulaly have there children and travel the length of the country to do so but have no way of accomodating them?
  7. It depends on whether or not there are spare quarters-if not then you need tobe in the correct category or you won't get one
  8. I take my sons daughter to see him at camp and we stay at the contact house.Its cost £15 a night.
  9. Who should get married quarters?


    Married service personnel!
  10. Speak to the local Army Welfare Worker, they will be able to interpret the rules in respect of your situation and if appropriate apply pressure where necessary. But as taboo has stated, the contact house may well be the cheapest option.
  11. The RAF do allow single Mums/Dads to live in spare SFA, I think the RAF understand the concept of the word welfare. However the problem that does arise is where you fill up all the spare quarters with single mums/dads and there is no housing left for PStat 1.
  12. You would think that wouldn't you
  13. In this tri service world we live in, the rules should be the same for all 3 services! One the same all the same :D
  14. How can one be the same? The same as what? As the answer is probably in a JSP, that would indicate the rules are the same for all of us, however, the discretion with which they are applied possibly varies.
  15. When selecting a wife that you are going to have sprogs with select one that you are going to stay with and not the first Doris that dropped her knickers and opened her legs for you.

    Because if you do choose in haste there is a fair chance that said Dori will be just as eager to drop her knickers for everyone else resulting in the inevitable divorce and the cry for married quarters that are in short supply and are required by actually married personnel .

    Failing that seek advice from your welfare officer, RAO, the local hive or the army welfare services (AWS) all of whom have vast experience in these matters and will give you far better advice than a group of random anonymous strangers on an internet site.

    However, you are far more likely to get the answer you want from the random strangers :D