married quaters rent going up in line with civ div?BLANDFORD

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by newlynpirate, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. I heard today that quater rental price will go up in line with civ div next year in Blandford....with all the outstanding faults and 30 year old kitchen/bathrooms is this true?
    I for one think cheap quaters are probably the best retention tool the Armed Forces still has.........
    If true,how many people do you think will move on..........
  2. I really can't see them putting up quarter rates to fall in line with civvy rates. I rent out a house in York that is smaller than most quarters I lived in (and I've had loads) and I get .....well I get a shed-load more in rent for it than for any quarter rent I've ever paid.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. It was in the last pay rise letter, many people missed it. All MQ rents are to be brought in line with the civilian equivalents, not in one easy movement but over a few years. This is the first part of them clawing more money back. However, this is the time to get yourself positioned regarding Housing contracts. MHS should be more accountable (although they should really be accountable no matter what you are paying), and you should be pushing them to keep their side of the contract regarding repairs, etc.

    In short, it's true.
  4. Happy days, does this mean I can start paying a mere portion of the rent I'm supposed to (showing an intention to pay) and still call out loads of workmen to fix minor inconvieniences? Or would that be too much like a civvy letting!?
  5. doh................well thats alot of people thinking WHY stay in now?
    Im in for the money,and cheap quaters is money...............
    as for MHS dont swear at me again thanks..they should be hung under trade discription act...they are selling themselves as a contract repair and maint company......shit me,HOW?Ive met more organized people on ROPS/SHOW PARADES.
  6. pay office cant get my lssa right , imagine how i will struggle paying full wack rent also........being over paid 31 days lssa and then for them to re pay and take back ,re pay again etc is a fcuker...and that was with me jumping on the problem the second i opened pay statment!! no mater how quick you sort it , glasgow still fcuk your pay up months after..........
  7. Well, if they are going up in accordance with civil rates then it is both sensible to suggest and reasonable to require an individual affected to exercise the same civil remedies available to those affected by rogue landlords who fail to discharge their express and impled obligations under a lease.

    Those remedies involve, for example withholding pro tanto portions of the rent demanded and suing for breach of implied covenant of quiet enjoyment!

    There is a general principle of English law expressed in Legal Latin: Sentit commodum sentire, debet et onus et e contra - he who takes the benefit, let him also take the burden!

    All it takes is one court case!
  8. i like that man ! army legal service you should be ........power to the pads yea..............
  9. The increase in MQ charges to market value (fake value at that) will see the lower end of the rank spectrum claiming housing benefit as well as child support!

    DHE over in NI are rubbing their hands for post Op BANNER when housing will no longer be subsidised, no doubt they will suddenly forget how they constantly remind us of how we shouldnt complain about the standard of housing becuase it is virtually free!!! I wonder how much a rabbit hutch made out of balsa wood goes for in the city of Lisburn?

  10. I think the RAO need to get plenty of pension forcasts for the boys when they all start to say FCUK THIS i can pay the same on civ div and live in the house ALL year and not have to sleep for 6 months in the sand / exercise longer will it be the pads army....but an army full of single lads and lasses who cant afford to live in civ div so they live in THE BLOCK.
  11. I doubt this would cause a mass exedus from the forces however it will be another nail in the coffin to service life. You need to look at the big picture, the long game of getting everyone into super garrisons or even better out of service families accomodation altogether.

    Mind you the way any housing contract employs the same old monkeys to maintain the faults combined with the heavy restrictions in place regarding DIY/painting etc I do not see how they will ever be in a position to demand the full market value.
  12. i know it would put me in the situation of stay in or out...the talk was today of a raise from £100 ish pounds as they are run down quaters, to around the £350-400 mark !!!
  13. I can see this making a lot of people unhappy if it is true.

    Whilst the advice to withhold payment if your quarter is not up to scratch or repairs not carried out may seem a noble gesture, how do you withhold a payment that is taken at source?

    I can't see it woking charging full rates for some of the crappy quaters that are around (Blandford for instance) unless the rate is based on what you would pay for a 2 bedroom squat above a shop in Blandford town.!!

    It would be totally scandalous to charge people the same rate for a good 3 bedroom house in Blandford unless the quarters were of the same standard and somehow I doubt that they are.

    One ray of light may be that at least they will have a lot more money to put into improving housing...yeah right!!!!!
  14. is there anyone out there who KNOWS any facts with relation to this topic..someone maybe who works for DHE?
  15. Not strictly true chaps.

    It has been announced that Quarter rents will be increased (it started this year) until they are closer to market rates, less an appropriate discount to reflect the disadvantages of service life. At the moment no-one seems to know what is considered an appropriate discount.

    See this thread for some more details (my post near the bottom has links to the AFPRB report).

    This would be a very good question to ask the AFPRB next time they visit your unit!