Married quaters In/ Near Aldershot

Hi, just looking for a bit of advice, I am being posted to Aldershot in May as my first posting but have heard that some of the married quaters in Aldershot are pretty shocking. Does anyone know of any parts which are on the better side of things, this is my first posting as a 2LT.

Any information will be appreciated, Thankyou.
That will be the 'NIG-PIT', then.

On more serious terms, Church Crookham are not that bad. I believe you are entitled to a band 'D' quarter as a Rodney?

Aldershot folks can be far afield as Reading (better pickings).
When I was there 2000-2003 was quartered in Waterloo park which was alright however Orifaces where quartered farther afield. My OC sqn was Cove way which was very nice!

Beat to give DHE a bell ask them where is available then do a recce!
I'm not actually sure, trying to get any information from anyone whilst at RMAS is like pulling teeth. One of my Ex-ranker friends said they are all 3 bedroom places (for Rodney's) if that has anything to do with the banding of quaters.

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