Married Quater Advie Needed

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by dogguk, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. I will be moving my family to germany next year as part of a unit move. Me, wife boy of 8 and boy and girl aged 2. I have been told i will only be allowed to have a 3 bedroom flat/house. Does anyone know the rules regarding this or where i can look.

    Many Thanks Jamie
  2. boy 1 room
    girl 1 room
    munand dad 1 room

    what more do u want?
  3. Yep, that is all you're entitled to, that is all you will get.

    Unfortunately quarters can be sparse over in Germany, especially the bigger ones. So although it would be nice to have a bigger house with more bedrooms (like is often possible in the UK) it isn´t going to happen in BFG.

    Visitors end up in the lounge or in a hotel.

    Avoid flats, they are generally dingy and don´t have gardens. Also they can be noisy.

    And don´t expect a garage during your tour. But get on the waiting list ASAP. In fact prepare to be amazed to even get a car parking slot of your own. Either of which may be on the other side of the estate to your home.
  4. The flats are mainly PUMA'd now none are 'dingy' as for the noise level hardly noticeable, unless your flat is full of canines. Bathrooms are quite small.

    Garages are not really a problem, remember you will be geting a large cellar for storage issues etc,

    I have been to some houses in BFG and in fact most are smaller than a flat, unless you go for a new house, but if you do get one of those expect your LOA to be eaten up paying for it.

    Still you could always rent, where are you going to?
  5. With every place you might go there are pluses and minuses; my advice though - for what it's worth - is prepare for the worst, then (hopefully) you have a chance of being pleasently surprised.

    Houses come in bigger and smaller, pumaed and not, but the chances of getting a big pumaed house are pretty much non-existant!

    I don't actaully know of any puma flats - which doesn't by any means mean they don't exist - but I honestly think the best you can hope for is a starred flat (kitchens and bathrooms). With flats constant battles seem to take place over stupid things like the cleanliness of the stairwells and who's turn it is to sort out the comunal areas. Also the cellar obviously is semi-shared; with small areas layed aside for each flat, and one comunal area for all the washing machines and tumble driers (good excersize (!) if you live on the top deck)....

    On the other hand there are more play areas for the kiddies aroud the flats. Although if you have any pets, many flats are leased from the Germans and do not allow you to keep pets.

    JHQ/Elmpt is pretty much all houses, Herford is 50/50 ish, Guttersloh is mostly flats (very few houses, although there are some new posh houses up in the marrienfeld area), Paderborn is about 50/50, and Hohne is mostly flats, although this is slowly changing in favour of more houses.

    Garage-wise it all seems to depend upon the length of the waitingl ists these can range between about 6 months up to 18 months so if you own large items such as motrbikes, garden furniture, canoes, etc be prepared to either find alternate homes for them or have them sitting arround in your garden for months on end.

    Unfortunaely despite the fact that in BFG you really need the extra space fo visiting family members etc, extra bedrooms aren't really an option. It's all about entitlement, and over here there are very few 4 beds for the people who need them.
  6. CF are you in Germany now, and if so where?
  7. He has two boys and that is why he has the query. one boy is 8 the other is two, therefore cannot be expected to share a room.

    I would go back to the housing people and reiterate the situation.
  8. my bad misread

    but our neighbours upstairs, 2 boys 1 girl are living just dandy in a 3 bedroom also....
  9. I thought the rule was something like children under the age of 7 or 8 can share. Once they get to 7/8 where possible, they should get their own rooms. We had a decent allocations officer here (not in Germany) who saw that two of my boys would turn 7 during our current tour and gave us a 4 bed (we have a 3rd boy who is 2) so they all have their own rooms.
  10. Going to Fallingbostel, i did read somewhere that on certain circumstances they can bend the rules slightly, but can't remember where i looked. Thw problem we have his having twins one doesn't sleep well at all which keeps the other awake, unfair to put a 2 year old with an 8 year old.
  11. The OP says he has a Boy of 8 and a girl of 2. If they were under 5 they could share a room, same sex siblings can share rooms until they leave the nest (IIRC). If there are bigger houses available then they can be given seperate rooms from the age of 8 (IIRC).

    Bipolar, have spent 8 years in BFG alles über der platz, moving in to my 9th year.

    Edit to add, where have the twins come from :?

    So you have Daddy, Mummy, Boy of 8 and a pair of twins who are two.

    You are STILL only entitled to a 3 bedroom dwelling.

    You could try phoning the housing office at your detination and putting it to them, you could be lucky and their could be a buckshee 4 bed around.
  12. 19 years in Germany, 15 married all in flats - actually all have been great
  13. Can´t argue with that Bipolar, but in my experience and from what I hear still, I wouldn´t want to be in a flat.

    How have you managed to spend 15 years in a flat? Certainly at Herford they were promising a move OUT of a flat 6 months down the line, so I suppose if you volunteer for one you´ll get one.

    Only flat I would consider moving in to was a mate's hiring, it was huge and had a garage. That said, no pets and you still had to wander down the stairs to the washing machine (two floors) with the kids.
  14. Flats have their bonus' I always get a ground floor with normally a tied garage.

    Anyway back to the thread in question I know that there is scope to get a larger type flat on medical grounds Iif there are any), I know of a WO2 with 6 kids lol he has the top 2 flats of a block to himself
  15. Another bonus of a property with a cellar is the option to turn the entire place into a beer bar with yer fellow pads !! Only downside is if you dont get on with one of the twats and they want their part of the cellar for empty MFO boxes lol !!