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Morning all,

I am posted to central London in the summer; can anyone who has experience of London postings tell me where it is likely that I'll get a married quarter? Or even which ones are really nice and worth pushing for?

I have been in a mates MOQ in The Keep, close to Richmond, reasonable area and not too bad. It does depend where in London and as importantly how you want to travel.
I worked in Chelsea Bks/Horse Guards '96 - '99, MQ was in Balham (Clapham South if you want to be pretentious abou it), it was OK not fantastic just OK, although they've probably been sold of or dem'd by now, the travel in was reasonable, but getting a M'Bike made things a lot easier, if occasionally more exciting, either way, good luck and enjoy.
You might be able to get a hiring, but there are a few around to try and get if you can.
PM sent.
You'll probably end up in The Keep in Kingston, about 500m from Richmond Park. Quite small quarters but good shopping for the Mrs, you can ride your bike into town...

Good boozers nearby and a good chippy.
You might be unlucky and get Bushy - was lovely there in the 1970s but it's full of chavs and RAF types, the married patch tennis quarters have gone to ratshoite, but it does have a MacieDs nearby!
Thank you for all of the suggestions. I'm now going to do a recce whilst on leave next week, see what looks best.



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