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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by COMMSRUS, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. I am having a few dramas with the new contractor for DE. No change there then. However it is not MHS this time it is Interserve. Basically I am not convinced that my gas boiler is working as it should.... yellow falme burns ocasionally. So a little worried about carbon monoxide.

    My quarter does not have one fitted and I am not in a position where one is easily obtainable from the shops. As a landlord are DE or Interserve obliged to provide one as they do with fire alarms and the likes?

    Any references would be appreciated.
  2. I believe currently a landlord is only required to test gas appliances annually to get their Gas Safety Record.

    I remember they put CO2 monitors at the MQ`s at Blandford. I think there were concerns with the amount of people blocking off airvents causing the boiler to burn O2.

    If you are really concerned I would buy your own.

    Good Luck
  3. I agree with Disco - the MOD (as Landlord) is not obligated to provide your with Carbon Monoxide detectors. However, DE (HD) policy is (I believe) to provide all quarters with gas appliances with the detectors. I have had the detectors in my last three quarters.

    Have you called your local DE (HD) office/Customer Care Officer? Do not call MHS/Interserve it is nothing to do with them - call DE (HD) instead.
  4. Cheers gents.

    Have now ordered one online. Just have to rely on trusty BFPO. Not sure why I didn't do that first... combination of brain fart and point of principle.
  5. Wrong. If you live in UK (less NI) it's nothing whatsoever to do with your local DE (HD) office or CCO. DE (HD) have handed over all responsibility for both hard and soft FM to MHS. Therefore: If you believe your gas appliance is not working correctly then report it as a fault (emergency) to MHS,simultaneously raising the observation that you do not have a Carbon Monoxide detector - this should be enough to sort both issues out.

    If it is not sorted out smartly, or to the correct standard, raise a complaint on the MHS complaints line. Simultaneously, let your UWO, Families Officer or local HIVE have the details. Why - because the C of C does not have confidence in the MHS stats on levels of complaints and is compiling its own stats independently. The more info they get the more pressure they can put on DE/MHS to sort things out.

    Whatever you do do not buy your own kit, sort your own repairs. If it goes wrong DE will walk away from it - more importantly, if the property is severely damaged as a result of your repair/equipment you might just find yourself liable for the cost of putting it right.

    Finallly, if you live outside of the UK then all housing is managed by your TLB. To sort out this problem get on to your local Estate Warden/CCO or whatever they are called nowadays.

  6. Errrr - MHS do not provide Carbon Monoxide detectors, nor do they do furniture or meter readings upon march in/out. I think that you will find that DE (HD) provide the detectors through the same mechanisms as your furniture.

    MHS fix faults. If they have already tested and certified the appliance as working, they do not have to provide you with a detector - DE (HD) will do so as a matter of MOD policy.
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  10. Quick tip:

    Write to your regional DHE HQ. Tell them the nature of the complaint - i.e. You have no monitor/detector. If you can embellish it with your H&S concerns about children/pregnant wife etc, great.

    Copy the letter to your regional Bde HQ (DCOS) - even if you don't send DCOS the letter, stick a 'Copy to' at the bottom of the letter. It will put the wind up them.

    I got in the position where I was about to phone my solicitor about DHE. I suddenly thought 'hey, surely someone must be on my side?' The DCOS thought that the local DHE bod was a bigger to$$er than I did, the month old problem was solved the same afternoon.