Married quarters

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ASKINQs, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Ok Guys need some quick advice.

    Moving to Grantham in September and the other half is wondering where the married quarters are??
    If anyone can help then a private PM would be great.
  2. Do they give MQ's to the TA now then?
  3. The RLCTA camp is just outside Grantham and i think they have Quarters there.
    But saying that if there is a shortage of housing the Housing peeps normally give you a quarter near to where you are serving.
    Being Lincolnshire expect to be moved to an RAF Base near to Grantham etc.
    Cranwell maybe
    Waddington near Lincoln could be an option.
    I have friends who are serving in Rutland and are housed at RAF Cottesmore.

    Hope this helps
  4. Quarters are on camp, but from what I remember they are like something out of the dark ages!
  5. Sometimes.
  6. Problem is that you can only be in them some weekends and tuesdays.

    There is also the possibility of living there for two weeks, but with the MTD cap biting, this is becoming rarer.
  7. There are quarters on camp, but unless someone has moved of camp recently there were none empty/available. The usual is to move you on to RAF Cranwell which is about 20 min away from PWOG.
  8. Married quarters are all on camp, they're nothing special in looks but expect to pay peanuts for it which is a real bonus. There are plenty about, feel free to PM me if you require any more info