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First can i say a big thanks to everyone that has replied to my past posts and given me some great advice over the past few months. I have passed selection and start basic 4th may at pirbright.

This question is more for the misses than me. Firstly do you have to be married to get married quarters. I know that this sounds like a stupid question but we have a 16months old son but are not married. Just wondered that as i have a kid i might get married quarters without getting married.

Also at what stage can you get married quarters? Do you have to wait untill you have passed phase 2 training or can you get housing before that. My misses is staying with her parents while im training and as you can imagine doesn't want to hang around longer than is nessary.

I know that housing will vary depending on where i will based but as a rough idear what is the housing like?

Looking forward to some good replies as normal and thanks again everyone :D


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You will NOT get Married Quarters or Service Families Accommodation (SFA) until you are married*, end of. You also will not get one until you have finished training and have been posted to a unit.

You have two options really. Marry or rent privately.

* unless you have sole custody of your child. However your girlfriend is not allowed to live in the SFA with you, so that get-out clause probably wouldn't suit you.


As the previous post says your not entitled to a Married Quarter until you are at your unit.

MQ's are okay depending on where you are... but at the end of the day the house/flat is what you make it put some effort in and it will be home! Remember they're a lot cheaper than renting privately.
No quarter unless married (civil partnership for same sex couples only) or you have sole custody of child(ren).

If you meet the above criteria you get a quarter at your first unit OR depending on the length of training for Phase 2 you may get one during training.

A Phase 2 cse of over 6 months would be required though.

What are you planning on joining and how long is the phase 2 training cse itself? (this doesn't include any additionals such as waiting for the course to start, course breaks or extra training ie driving lessons).

As you can see you can bank on being away for the better part of 3 months for phase 1, plus a fair whack for phase 2.

Use the time to think about what you should do. Marry or private rent.

Bear in mind if you go abroad you are in for a whole world of hurt if you go private, but rather than me blather on, ask any questions you may have.
scruff_1 said:
Tell them your misses is your nanny employed to look after your son.

I can just see his Mrs signing over the kid, so that if they do split up she wont have it..... :roll:

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