Married quarters worse than prison BBC report 3/1/06


BBC report 22:00.

Conditions worse than prison says one soldier.
forces housing squalid, soldiers depressed about the conditions that their family are having to live in.
Complaints about smell, mould on walls.
Sir Mike Jackson says that "the housing is shameful". "Give them what they deserve" he said.
This is in Britain. Men fight for their country and have to live in squalor.

"If the soldiers feel they are not being looked after they may just quit". states the BBC-well done BBC please keep at it and the message might just get through.

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<<General Viggers said that the covenant between country and force is not being fulfilled.>>

Typed as I heard it on the BBC Radio news.

They'll start to fall over yet...

God save the Queen!
Andy said:
If the serving officers do not like their conditions then surely they have the choice of resigning. No one is forcing them to stay. I am afraid complaining is not enough. Take your employees to court and sue them or stop complaining. Perhaps think about a new career. No one is forcing you to remain in your job. Be like other people, move on.

What a c0ck. If everyone thought like that, who would defend this country and these precious people in it? :x
About time too. I'm sure I've seen worse than the BBC pictures. Anyone been to Donnington recently? When were the porta cabins supposed to go in Blandford?


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nodigitsever said:
and you are free to have a fag in prison at least

you are now allowed to marry one in the forces and get a house with him, provided you don't mind the conditions.
Problem is the government will respond by pledging X amount of money to improve service housing whilst scrapping a few more destroyers, restricting training time even more and slowing down the roll-out of replacement equipment.

They've set us an amount of money that is too small to not only do what we have been asked to do, but to also cover what we expect reasonably to receive in return as a bare minimum, like a full array of modern, functioning equipment suited to task, decent accommodation and boots that don't melt.

I have spent this evening selling the benefits of the Army, both Regular and Reserve, to the son of a friend of mine and, given how shabbily we in all three services have been treated by this government, I am sometimes forced to question my own enthusiasm.

Still, they're not rid of me yet! :)

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