Married quarters - whats going on?

Discussion in 'REME' started by CPLIGGLEPIGGLE, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. I have heard more and more of people being posted and there not being enough married quarters for them to move into straight away (Germany, Tidworth, Aldershot to name a few i've heard of). This results in the wives often having to stay behind until a quarter is available, my question is why all of a sudden is there no quarters?

    I am due posting in Dec and am dreading what s**thole situation im going to be left in. we are now binning off personnel and the blanket answer to whinging about unfair circumstances is "get out if you don't like it" which up to a few years ago would have been unacceptable. I think that if the army had some sort of management of their quarters again then this situation wouldn't be happening. Families are very important to soldiers, therefore they should be important to the army. Please someone enlighten me to what the situation is, have we got rid of most of our married quarters? Whats going on?????
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  12. Of all went 'tits up' when the system sold off the quarters to that 'management company' thing......I believe they rent them back that correct?
  13. I recently applied for a quarter and they offered me a quarter within the 15 days that the HIC promise...trouble is,the quarter is nowhere near where I requested on the app form,after calling them
    to refuse the quarter I was informed that there are spaces at the locations I requested and the quarter I had initially been allocated was unfortunately the next house on list to be allocated...why ask for 3 preferred locations if they ain't going to read them!!!!
  14. firstly thanks rememechanic and golden eagle for posting relevant things. i have had friends that have recently been posted around the paderborn area, i know they were selling off some quarters around there and now they've told my friend that he will have to leave his wife in the uk for 3 months. those that have been given a quarter have been given quarters that are not suitable for there family size, but been told to crack on. me and my wife have been lucky so far but were looking at moving back to germany area and scared that were going to have to wait out for accomodation.
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