Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whiterhino, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody have anything factual on the "imminent" incremental price increases to bring DHE (Japanese Mafia owned) Married Quarters up from the current price to current local market price (ie what Mr and Mrs Smith pay for a similar house in the village down the road !!).
    It IS happening, has been approved, would probably suit cap badges that are fixed by the arms plot to a location, and will not move from there.
    For others it will hammer the wallet / married life !!

    Grateful for anything other than uninformed rumour !!
  2. hammer the wallet?

    Try living on civvy street mate - you dont know how cheap you pads have got it
  3. What happened to the thread where people were moaning about getting used to cheap accomodation the disparity with the real world? Some of you people just winge for the sake of it. :roll:

    Moody is right. Get a sodding mortgage, then you can winge about costs.
  4. surely the whole point of living in quarters is to allow you to live dirt cheap while you save up a deposit for a house, so you can GET a mortgage? not live as if in shite rented accommodation at "proper" cost.
  5. For those of you unable to read, or just happy to spout abusive uninformed opinion, I do have a mortgage, am aware of the current cost of "civilian" living etc etc
    The purpose of the thread was to attempt to garner informed fact on the imminent impact on the wallet of service personnel on my Station ie having 3x 30% increases in the cost of their MQ in the next 5 yrs.

    ARRSE has Forums for informed educated discussion and Forums for wasters. Choose accordingly.
  6. Also please note that if you live in BA(G) you are about to all have a 4 tier grading on your SFA which may increase the amount you pay !
  7. Did you honestly think that Gordon Brown was going to give you a 3% payrise and not get it back somehow!
  8. Tell me stabtiffy, why is that a good post? You went from stop whinging to get a sodding mortgage without analysing the situation at all. Theres alot more to quarter rent increases than meets the eye.

    Are you living in a quarter? Do you have to consider moving every 2/3 years? Would you be prepared to pay market rates for a house not of your choice, which you cannot decorate, is not in an area of your choice and has rooms that if you owned a cat you couldnt swing it? Do you stand a chance of being posted abroad every couple of years? Would you, out of choice, be separated from your family during the week? Could you contemplate selling and buying a house every couple of years when the army move you on? Would you relish the fact that you have no choice in what schools your children attend? Would you be happy that in most mass garrisons there is little civilian employment for wives?

    The list goes on. Suffice to say - quarters at market rate? There is more to it than a comparrison with civi street. BTW, I expect the answer to each of the above from you is no. Your not regular Army - i'm not sure your qualified to make comment.
  9. The honest answer is when they sold the quarters to a private contract is , they agreed to sell a certain amount of stock for sale and to increase the rent to commercial viability, It is called getting money in the short time , stuff the long term.
  10. No gooner, its called pay for the modernisation programme and sod the consequences. A high rate increase will have a huge impact over time. I doubt it will encourage home ownership with retention, quite the oposite in fact.
  11. The objest was to get the maximum money received in the short term
  12. And can you see a benefit in that for defence?
  13. Thanks for saving me having to vent my spleen again boney_m !!

    Back to the original question, does anybody have timelines ?, forecast of % increases etc etc ?
    Perhaps the passage of information is reflective of many "disagreeable" policies (ie very little known until "too late"), but somebody below 3 *** must have some visibility of the plan ?

    All 3 services on my Station are starting to ask Q and the answers are far from forthcoming !!, the topic has appeared on PPRUNE and RUM RATION too.

    Any info appreciated
  14. I believe it is all part of this years much heralded pay award. Details to follow!
  15. Have just applied for a quarter in my new station. Told by DHE that would not get my entitlement due to lack of quarters, would have to take below - Not a problem. Have been a Unit families Officer, know the problems DHE have and after having 14 quarters, fully accepting of almost anything. When my wife and I visited new station area last week and managed to get keys for two quarters which were available to us, it was the first time in 20 years of marriage that I have seen my wife cry at the prospect of living in one of the quarters offered. It was awful. Not just dirty (no doubt it would be cleaned by co tract prior to occupation), but was un-modernized, worn out, decor disgusting, gardens just mud, with little fencing, little/no storage space (I could go on and on). Not too sure what grade they were, I currently live in a Grade 3, below entitlement quarter, and they were much worse than this one. Things are getting worse, not just for married men, but for single men also, so much is promised and so little is delivered. Before even suggesting charging market rates for rent, they need to get their act together and give our people an acceptable basic minimum standard of accommodation.