married quarters muenster

My husband is being posted to Muenster, which is great news.

He will be attached to the Royal Dragoons. What married quarters are good around here?
Lived in Munster many years ago... on the York Barracks side! From what I can remember the quarters were fine, although the last one we had was just renovated as we moved in!! Unless things have changed since then you should be ok.... PM if there,s anything else can help with about Munster x
Muenster has possibly the best housing stock in BFG. Have a look here for the Muenster community guide, which includes housing info. PM me and I can give you plenty of current info and link you up with your new welfare office and HIVE, etc

Me and my wife are also about to be posted to munster and will be living from york bks pads (i hope) pm me if u wanna get in touch wiv my wife cos as you and all other pad wife's no it's a lonely time and you can all do with a friend or 2??
we are in in muenster the qtrs are nice. I also think it is mostly houses so if you have children that should be a bonus.

take care
why have you posted as 2 different posters?

Span said:
My husband is being posted to Muenster, which is great news.

greviel said:
Thanks for the positive notes. Looking forward to the move!
Just wondering :?

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