Married Quarters Lisburn


Which location is better for MQs in Lisburn?

Hamel Rd or Harmony Drive?

What are the MQs like on camp?

Much obliged

When I worked for NTL & then Sky,I have worked all over Lisburn & done a lot of jobs in both area's.
Harmony Dv is'nt a bad area,house's are fairly newish,late 70's,early 80's I'd say,Nearly all have NTL,Sky or both installed.
Closer to the main gate as well I think.
Depends if you have kids or not for school purposes I would definately not put my kids anywere near Harmony Hill as they treat service children in my opinion pretty poorly to the extent I removed my children from the school aswell as a few other families i am aware of.
I do know the houses and bungalows at West Park are very nice. and it is just across the road from a good school.

The quarters on camp that I think you're after are very nice google earth gives a nice picture
I left Lisburn 18 months ago though.
hope that helps PM if I can help anymore
Harmony Drive very nice bungalows.....
Kennedy and Oakridge ummm rabbit hutches that have teeny tiny gardens!

Are houses on camp being allocated out?


Thanks guys. I'm after Type V locations. Looked on google earth and MSN live at Harmony hill. The bungalows there look a bit ropey from the outside.....maybe its just a pants picture...I dont know.

Not bothered about schooling location.

Been spoilt at last job as am currently in type IV. Happy days!! :)

Any more help/info/assistance much appreciated.



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