Married Quarters in Tern Hill

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Tinker779, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, we are moving to Tern Hill soon. Can anybody shed some light on the quarters there? :?
  2. Thanx for that, I have already done the google thing but find that looking at a blurred garden and roof not very informative, LOL

    But thanx all the same!
  3. well contact the hive from the bottom link and they will send you a pack or alternativly google earth/ my street pictures etc
  4. What a singularly unhelpful post - if that is all you have to contribute to "these requests" I suggest you don't bother in future.

    Do you really think you actually need to tell someone to use Google. If you do indeed have first hand knowledge of the quarters at Tern Hill you might want to come back with some useful information that is not available on the internet. If not a refer you to my first paragraph.

    Edited to add that this is all the more irritating as you have asked for exactly the same assistance for a different location -

  5. wow!! some ones knickers are in a twist..
    i only tried to help but sod it.
  6. I do appreciate your help, thank you!

    Unfortunately some people are'nt too happy unless they are moaning or having a go which puts people off offering information!

    Always one out there to spoil things for others and would have expected the people that use these sites to be out of nappies by now lol
  7. Tinker - I think you rather missed the point of my post. What I intended to put accross is that simply referring someone to google is actually no help at all because for most people this would have been the first point of call. It is my personal opinion that people who say "google is your friend" are incredibly condescending - hence I felt you were being condescended.
  8. I was posted there about 6 yrs ago but lived in the camp. My limited recollections of going onto the pads was that they aren't brilliant (small, tired and dated). Things might have changed. The worst thing about Tern Hill is the fact that is miles away from anywhere decent. Market Drayton was rubbish and Shrewsbury is a fair way away.

    Sorry for being depressing but as a singly the Stormy Petrol pub was not up to much. I am sure it will be much better for families.
  9. Hi

    Sorry not familiar with the camp, Market Drayton has changed in the last few years but is still a small Shropshire town after all. Closest then would be, Telford, Newcastle under Lyme and the Poteries about 30 mins drive. Don't forget Chester and Wolves are 45 mins away as your sitting on the A41. As you can tell everything is a drive away, get familiar with South Shropshire, some of the best country side and market towns.

  10. houses are small dated and tired drayton there just isnt ant point in going into. shrewsbury you have tesco and telford have adsa

    tesco deliver to houses in tern hill