Married Quarters in Palace Barracks

My husband has been offered a SFA on Linley Drive, Palace Barracks. Does anyone have any information on what these quarters are like? Many thanks
Fine, so long as you don't mind MI5's surveillance branch tuning up their telescopes on your bedroom window.
I've done some work in those quarters when I worked for Sky,Large downstairs living/dining room with kitchen off to the side,2 up & bog.
Not bad nick from what I've seen.
Sainsbury's & 24Hr Tesco & Ikea 5 minute drive away & Belfast George Best Airport 10 min away.Close to a rail line in Holywood ( a few good bars,Dirty Duck for one)Main bus route to Bangor & Belfast out of the back gate.
I used to live in linley drive. The MQs are old but solidly built, just make sure your chimney is in good condition before takeover. Enjpy your time there.

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