Married Quarters in Arborfield

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tiffybadboy, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone enlighten me as to where a WO2 may be quartered in Arborfield Garrison? I am entitled to a 3 bed with my 3 bin lids, but I seem to remember the MQ's being pretty small over the road from the schools!!
    Any thoughts on this much appreciated and very welcome.

  2. Tried DHE. As much use as a choccy fire guard.
    Just wondering if it is worth asking for Church Crookham instead if the MQ's are pokey in Arborfield.
  3. The houses in Arborfield are not the best, however there are worse ones out there. If you do not mind commuting try asking for Burghfield (just outside Reading on the other side of the M4). Predominantly personnel from RAF Odiham they are bigger and newer houses it is approximately 20mins away (obeying speed limits). You could always ask for a four bed on the Kelvin/Fleming/Faraday estate they look like squash courts from the outside but home is home inside. If you know anyone currently living in Arborfiled ask them to email you pictures/sizes etc. DHE will treat you as a number and will put you next door to Cfn x or ASM y, houses in Arborfield are allocated by the girls in Aldershot and they do inform you "the computer says NO". Good luck
  4. Thanks ITR. I didn't know there were MQ's in Burghfield, that's interesting to know. Would you know where they are?? I know it is a lottery where you live and I am not fussed about who my neighbours are (I have been fortunate enough to have had some cracking neighbours of all ranks).

    I love being a number on a computer, makes you feel valued and significant!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. :D
  5. Google Maps - Willow Close, Burghfield.

    Best i can do for you.
  6. Grew up near Burghfield, nice place really. There are some really posh houses there, don't think there are many chavs but I'm not too sure as haven't been there in ages. The main thing you have to watch out for is the crabs and their families..
    There's a few decent pubs there too if I remember rightly.
    But Aborfield is a bit of a shit hole (not as much as Aldershite) so try and avoid it would be my advice!
  7. :D Great stuff, thanks very much all. :D
  8. You might find that the route between Burghfield & Arborfield becomes very slow over the next few years :wink:
  9. I'm suprised there are any MQ's left in Arborfield considering the amount the MOD sold off in recent years!

    With regards to the areas,I live more or less bang in between the two of them! Cannot comment on Burghfield, apart from the Cunning Man pub and the AWE! But Arborfield is well sited withing the county, Wokingham one way, Reading the other, Aldershot/Guildford not too far away. Travelling into Reading during morning rush hour is a fcuking nightmare! Public transport is a bus to either Reading, Wokingham or Aldershot.

    Had a mate who had brought one of the old MQ's by the Bramshill Hunt in Arborfield, the estate seemed a lot quiter than when it was all Pads.

    Good luck!
  10. Tiffy bad boy,
    I am also posted also to DEME(A) as and have spoke to DHE or what ever they are called now a days they informed me that Arborfield is the only place they will put us.

    Does any one out there have any pics of the houses both inside and outside so we can judge how big or small they really are, oh the garden size for the wife!

  11. I was down on the Arborfield patch at the weekend and a kind (albeit pungent) neighbour let me take a photo of his MSQ.

    Bit of a bonus, he said he's only paying Grade 3 because he's waiting for the kitchen and windows to be renewed.

    P.S. Note the nice tree in the garden; the missus will love that...... :wink:


  12. HTF did you persuade the wife to stay in the garden, that's brilliant!