Married Quarters in and around Camberley

What rank are you?

If you are of the non-officer type you will be inside RMAS, if you get a quarter on Pine Close they are pokey holes, yard is 6 foot long and as wide as your house with a 7 foot wall around it (my wife cried when she saw it) and youll be surrounded by Gurkha families.

If you have kids you may get one of the bigger houses with a back garden.

If youre an officer then zippidee doodar! quarters are magic, especially if youre on the side of the road that has a coal fire place.

I lived in Pine Close and then on another posting I had an officers quarter on Matthews Road.
If you don't mind travelling a bit further, there are officer and OR patches in Farnborough/Cove which are okay.

There's always Aldershot, but not convinced they're any better tham Camberley.
Try and get a Quarter In Arborfield when I was there in the 90's the accommodation was very good.

It was a nice area in a Rural Setting and because it beside the School of Electronic Engineering I am sure Braodband will be good.


Pine Close.

They've lowered the walls a bit now.
Try for a quarter in Range Ride instead.

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