Married Quarters for HCMR?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by usmarox, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I just wondered where the MQs for Hyde Park Bks were? I've trawled around a bit on Armynet, but that only covered Windsor. I understand the bloody great big tower block thing is accomodation, but are the pads in there, or do they live somewhere else?

    More noseyness than anything else.

  2. The tower block has the farriers underneath, then the NAAFI and the rest are mostly marries quarters. The singlies live elsewhere
  3. Bollocks. Make sure you know what you´re talking about before you post. Obviously an HCMR walt.
  4. Dear god, not much of an aspiration is it?
  5. Absolute BS. The Forge is on the other side of camp under the Naafi/ cookhouse. Singlies live above the Sqn offices on the Knightsbridge road side of the camp.
    The tower block is called Peninsula Tower and is 32 stories of pads flats, with a few offices on level 5 and squash courts at the very top. 3 bedroom flats are fine but the 2 bedroom ones are pokey but amazing views of the city and about £60 per month rent.
    When I moved on from HCMR 2 years ago they were in the process of emptying the place to renovate the flats and lifts so this may be why they aren't advertising it and will give you Windsor as an alternative.
  6. Horses for courses. :wink:
  7. Sorry I will refresh my poor memory when I go there tomorrow.
    I did only spend a short time there while training at Garrards. :wink:
    Unlike you who was there for quite some time Sir.
    Trolly of death
  8. Now you´ve really got me thinking. You obviously know who I am. Were you the original operator of the Trolley of Death? Didn´t G****e "Sly as a ....." work for Garrards? I don´t think you´re him.
  9. If Crazy George worked there then he would of been on the door. I was cleaning silver inside.
  10. There was also some mairred quaters in Victoria - quite nice I was told, only problems was that there were RMP's living there!