Married Quarters Birmingham

My other half has informed me very recently that I am getting married, in April so I need to get things sorted, not least where we will be living. This being my first (and hopefully only) attempt at this I have no idea how any of this works so wondered whether its possible to put in your request for married quarters before you get hitched in the hope that they are ready soonish afterwards. If so does anybody know how long before hand one can do this so we are not waiting forever once married.
Also I believe that all service families accomodation around here is civillian rented I have no idea what the availabilty is so can anything be done if none is available locally, ie rent out ourselves.

Ps I would go in and ask myself (and shall do)but am out of the area at the moment so thought I'd get a heads up

Thanks all.
There are many accomodation plots in Birmingham dependant on if you are being posted or if the misses is beng posted that will determin who will sort out your accomodation.

If by your avtar you are a nurse then i sugest you contact RCDM as they will be able to give you full information, if it's the misses then you should contact her unit.

Probabily not much help but if you need RCDM info them PM me


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