Married Quarters at HQ LAND

Discussion in 'Officers' started by scots_wahey, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. I am posted to LAND later this year and am in the process of completing my 1132 etc. I have already been told that I should not expect to get an allocation in Wilton or the Salisbury area and that Larkhill is more likely. The limited research I have conducted has highlighted that there are quarters dotted around some of the smaller villages surrounding Salisbury.

    Has anybody got any up to date advice on what my location priorities should be? Looking for a Majors quarter (with a garden suitable for a toddler) which has shops etc within walking distance and a decent nursery close by.

    For security, if anyone has any street names etc for a recce then PM me and I will reply with my armynet address.
  2. I have just gone through the process!

    They can allocate anywhere within a 20 mile radius, I think.

    DE, realising that they do not have enough quarters have had to aquire some more.

    I have been allocated and moved into a brand new house in Amesbury. Quarters in Salisbury and Wilton are unfortunatly like rocking horse Sh*t!!
  3. wahey,

    I have been allocated in Middle Wallop (15 miles). The usual patches are Harnham and Bulbridge. There are also some quarters at Ford (near Old Sarum) and I looked at others at Winterbourne Gunner (behind the wire) and some other isolated village patches whose names I can't remember. As Tankie states, the HIC can allocate anywhere within 20 miles so Larkhill, Tidworth and Bulford and Andover are all in range. Unfortunately they are very loathe to give out hirings. Middle Wallop are new (4 yr old) quarters that look like a smart civvie estate so you could do worse than there. i know that there is a nursery attached to Wallop school and there must be more in Grately and Stockbridge.

    Mind you, you should be honoured to live at Larkhill!


  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    We were lucky last year as Qs were v short on the ground for LAND bods so we were given a hiring in Thruxton. Not too bad a commute to LAND and all the better for a v short walk to the village pub.

    There are now lots of empty Qs at Andover

    I wouldn't go for them with a barge pole as word on the street is that Tesco will most likely win its bid to build a fcuk off huuuuge depot on the other side of the road from the patch. Building and road works, filth, noise and 1660 lorries a day coming your way - just what you want with kids around.

    PS After initially going against the Tesco bid, MoD are now supporting it. Something to do with a backhander and some add on building work, according to the bloke in my pub........ :(
  5. No Majors SFA at Winterbourne Gunner, all the Majors live in Captains SFA, good gardens and lovely camp to walk around (great for dogs). Only 18 houses in all (some tied to DCBRNC staff posts). Remote location, behind the wire, one local post office, nearest tesco 6 miles. Main downfall is Oil central heating which costs an arm and a leg. I think there are few empty houses at the moment (and I know of one other moving out soon).
  6. I think you mean you are posted HQLF (Wilton)

    Enjoy the Hyperion briefings!
  7. I thought I was going to get a hiring when I was sent to LAND (worst posting of my career, but then the VSOs were complete ****s and made everyone's life hell). We were about 3 weeks away from moving when DHE allocated us a quarter in Larkhill. There was one street of crap houses and lo and behold everyone was allocated to a non-gunner! :evil: